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Select ‘create your own Spot story’ to make your very own book, as well as lots of other fun games through the ‘play’ option.


Phonic games for phase 2 phonics. Use the options down the side to play more advanced phase 3 games as well as exploring the other resources available.


A range of phonics games to play. There is also a mathematics section but the games are aimed at older children.



Select literacy from the left hand side. Literacy games including traditional tales story retelling and printable phonic words with sound buttons.


Online books banded by ability level so you can find texts that can either be read by you or by your children as they develop their own readings skills. Try the read write inc (WRI) books for de-codeable books which are supported by your child’s phonics learning.




Lots of learning games, mainly in relation to early number skills.


Early numeracy games. ‘Snakes and ladders’ is particularly nice for counting up.


Select numeracy from left hand options. Mathematics games including time telling and number bonds to 10.

The World


Many games and songs including those relating to festivals.  


Stories relating to all the different festivals we learn about through the year.    


· (select videos)

Videos that cover a range of topics including minibeasts, once upon a time stories and how to play pretend.



Click on the books at the top of the page to find big books that you can read to your child. 



Visit the world with Barnaby Bear. Games including recycling and the weather. 

Art and Design


Games that mostly support creative development.

All Areas


Links to particular cbeebies games from all the different areas of learning 



Games that can be played on an IWB at school as well as on a normal computer at home.



A variety of games that cover most areas of learning. Particularly nice literacy and mathematics games. 



some particularly nice literacy and mathematics games including an initial sounds and weighing game.


A number of game instructions to support children’s learning in a number of areas including mathematics and literacy.


a website that is a little more difficult to navigate around but does give access to some good phonic and mathematic games.

Try     :literacy zone – CVC words – pounce

          :maths zone – addition - adding up to 10


Printable resources for at home including number rhymes and resources to make your very own cook book.


A great school website which has compiled its own list of fantastic online resources which cover all areas of learning.