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We are toy designers 30.01.2017

Design and technology Project


Today, Year 1 received an email from David at! David is the manager of a toy design company and he has asked the children for some help designing a new toy for a 5 year old child. The children had lots of questions for David about how to design toys and how to choose the right features and details. So, we had a Skype call and asked him! He told us lots of exciting things about his company and how they design toys and then use 3D printers to make prototypes, and the different materials they make the toys out of. By the end of the call, nearly all of the children wanted to be a 'toy designer' when they grow up!


The children were so keen to get designing and came up with some brilliant ideas such as drill man, rapping teddy and popping girl. After talking to David, we knew that we had to do market research to find out which designs were the most popular, so we took our designs into the reception class and asked the children to vote for their favourite toys. This valuable feedback helped the Year 1 children to make a choice about which toy to design as their final piece. David has even told us that there will be a prize for the best design and that the winner will also have their drawing 'mocked up' on the computer as a real design! What an exciting project!