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Where does poo come from? 15.01.18

The Human Digestive System.


Today, Year 4 continued their investigation into how digestion works. In order to bring the topic to life for the children, today we investigated how food turns to feces and used house hold objects to recreate the digestive process! The children helped act as teeth 'chewing' bread by using their hands to tear. We used a toothpaste tube to show the process of the oesophagus muscles pushing the food to the stomach. The children helped to add 'acid' to the stomach (a freezer bag) by pouring coca cola in before we churned up the bread. Finally we poured our messy soup into a pair of tights which allowed us to removed the liquid as the feces was left behind. The children found this very entertaining, while it also showed the process and allowed them to understand the internal organs!