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World Book Day 03.03.17

For World Book Day this year, Year 1 learnt all about the story of The Selfish Giant by Oscar Wilde. The children came in to see our classroom doors decorated with a giant pair of eyes and a sign declaring 'No Children Allowed!'. We began by imagining what our perfect garden would be like. The children were extremely creative, including everything from trees that grew sweets instead of fruit to bowling alleys. We developed our drama skills by acting out all our exciting activities in the garden. After being told they weren't allowed to play in the giant's garden, the children practiced their persuasive writing skills and wrote a letter to the giant requesting to be allowed to stay. We made predictions about how the giant would react to our letters and presents on rolls of paper before watching the giant open and read them. The children then then made a 'role on the wall', which involves drawing around somebody and then generating lots of adjectives about the character of the giant. The children were really engaged and involved in the drama  and enjoyed listening to the original story at the end of the day. 


As well as all this, the children took a break from the giant's garden and went up to visit Year 5, who are also studying space this half term. Year 1 each paired up with a Year 5 and  read their Space Factfiles all about Neil Armstrong and life in space. The Year 5's were very impressed with the children's quality and quantity of writing. They felt very proud of their hard work!


Finally, a big thank you to all the hard work that went into the all the children's fabulous costumes this World Book Day.