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Y1 Autumn 2 2019

Welcome back to the second half term in Year 1! We have a jam-packed half term of fun activities, theme days and Christmas excitement! The children will also be starring in their Year 1 Christmas Production at the end of the half- term which I am sure you are looking forward to… hankies at the ready!


Best wishes

Miss Groves and Miss Wood


Learning Challenge: Are old toys more magnificent than mine?

This half term, the children will be exploring the history of toys. Firstly, the children will compare a range of toys from the past and toys that they currently play with at home. As a class, we will be exploring a range of old and new toys, highlighting similarities and differences throughout their comparisons. The children will then discuss the timeline of toys and decide whether the quality of toys has improved throughout history.  We will be going on a school trip to Abbey House Museum in Kirkstall to take part in workshops and gain some hands on experience with toys from the past.


Christmas Enterprise Design and Technology project

Whilst rehearsing for our Christmas production, the children will also be busy as we head towards the festive season, designing and making some lovely Christmas decorations, which will be sold at the Christmas Fair. The children will learn about the process of enterprising by purchasing the resources, making their decorations and then selling them to make a profit. The children will work hard to design, paint and decorate their decorations to achieve an attractive and professional finish. You will most definitely want one of these adorning your Christmas tree!




Following our trip to Abbey House Museum, we will start our ‘Talk for Writing’ unit. The children will write a recount of their time at the museum, which we hope the children will really enjoy!  The outcome of our writing focus will be to ensure all our sentences make sense. The children will have the opportunity to reread their work and to reflect upon feedback or improvements they wish to make. We will also be thinking about how we can make our writing more descriptive by adding more detail for example including adjectives and expanded noun phrases. We will do this through cross-curricular writing that will interlink with our topic ‘Are old toys more magnificent than mine?’



The children will continue to read their home reading books in school 1:1 with an adult to give them the personalised help and support they need. Thank you for all your support in reading regularly at home with your child and signing their reading diary.



Whole class phonics lessons will continue to take place four times a week. We will continue to learn Phase 5 sounds following on from our recap of Phase 3 and 4 last half term. We will continue to learn, read and spell our reception tricky words whilst introducing new words from the Year 1 curriculum. Children will regularly receive spelling homework to ensure that they are confident in both reading and writing all the Year 1 Common Exception and Tricky words by the end of the year. Please encourage your child to complete this homework as independently as possible. 



In maths, the children will continue to build on their knowledge of place value.  

This half term we will be focussing on numbers up to 20. The children will be working on ordering numbers, completing number sequences and identifying numbers on a number line. Within year 1 the children will begin to develop an understanding that two digit numbers are made up of ‘tens’ and ‘ones’. We will also continue our work on addition and subtraction, focussing on interpreting calculations that look different to ‘normal’. The children have been developing their fluency skills with number sentences such as 2 + 9 = 11 . This term we will be exposing the children to calculations that appear in a different format e.g 16 = 11 + ? .This will develop the child’s ability to problem solve and identify missing numbers.  The children will utilise concrete resources to represent the number sentence as a visual to support their ability to problem solve.  This half term we will also be learning about 2D and 3D shapes specifically focusing on direction and position. The children will explore full, half and quarter turns. During maths sessions, we will be focussing on recalling number bonds to 10. The children will also continue to count in of 2, 5 and 10.




In R.E the children will be exploring how we celebrate special occasions and how occasions are celebrated by people of different religions.



In PSHE the children will be thinking about their own identity within a wider society. They will learn about what makes themselves and others special and about what roles and responsibilities they have at home and school. The children will also look at ways in which they can work and play cooperatively with other people.



In PE, the children will be doing gymnastics. They will begin by identifying and using simple gymnastics actions and shapes before linking actions together. The children will learn how to apply strength to a range of gymnastics actions and begin to safely carry basic apparatus such as mats and benches.



There will be lots of Christmas singing as we learn the songs for our Christmas production. We will also learn about how we can use percussion instruments to accompany our singing.



This half term we will be covering ART within our learning challenge topic ‘Are old toys more magnificent than mine?’ The children will be creating their own puppets and evaluating their designs.


Design and Technology

This term Design and Technology  will be covered within our learning challenge ‘Are old toys more magnificent than mine?’ and Christmas Enterprise project.



This half term the focus for computing in Year 1 will be multimedia projects. We will be designing our own interactive books via the app Book Creator. These books will include not only writing but pictures, videos and narration. The children will also be continuing their work on algorithms and learning the basic principles of computer science.