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Y1 Spring 2 2021

Year 1 Curriculum Newsletter for Spring 2 2021


Here is an overview of what your child will be learning this half term in the different subject areas. If you have any questions about the learning this half term, please contact us as we are more than happy to discuss any queries with you.


Best wishes

Miss Wood & Miss Groves


Learning Challenge: Who were history's greatest explorers?

Our current explorers topic will continue into the next half-term.  The Great Explorers unit will teach the children about the experiences of a range of explorers from history. They will discuss the criteria for what makes a person significant and consolidate their understanding of chronology by labelling a timeline with the dates of each explorer. We will learn about many key figures such as Ibn Battuta, Christopher Columbus, James Cook and Isabella Bird, Helen Sharman and revisit prior learning of Neil Armstrong. The theme of ‘Exploration’ is a key theme for KS1 as we want the children to be exposed to a range of different cultures and broaden their knowledge of the world around them.







The children will be continuing their journey through our new reading scheme Read Write Inc. Throughout this journey, the children are provided with many opportunities to ‘Get writing’. The term ‘Get Writing’ is a process in which the children practise saying a sentence and hold the sentence in their mind before writing.  Last half term, we saw a huge boost in the children’s confidence as they were able to write multiple sentences independently whilst including basic punctuation. The children will utilise these skills to complete independent challenges within provision and will then move towards extended pieces of writing. The children will also have opportunities for independent writing in provision areas inside and outside.



On a morning, the children work in their RWI groups. Group sessions are focused on their current RWI Storybook. The children practise recognising their speed sounds and continue to practise their “Fred Talk” to help decode unfamiliar words. The children in Year 1 have been working very hard whilst reading their Storybooks and can now recognise many tricky words with speed. It is very important that you keep reading at home and enjoy those bedtime stories together! Whilst reading, encourage your child to make predictions about the story. You can also find key questions in the back of your child’s Storybook that stimulate great discussions and also encourage retrieval practice.



The children are grouped accordingly based on their phonetic knowledge and therefore every child will be on a slightly different ‘journey’ in phonics. The majority of children are learning set 3 sounds whilst recapping sets 1 and 2. Other children are learning set 2 sounds before moving on to Set 3 sounds. Ultimately, we want the children to be able to spot digraphs/trigraphs (special friends) in the words they are reading to encourage accuracy whilst reading.



In maths, we will begin by recapping important aspects of Place Value to 50 before moving onto the topic of length and height. They will begin to use language such as taller, tallest, shorter and shortest when discussing length and height before beginning to learn how to measure objects and record this. We will also continue to learn to fluently recall number bonds to 20. We will continue to work on counting in 2's, 5's and 10's - ensuring we can do this quickly both forwards and backwards. Our mental maths skills will continue to develop through halving and doubling numbers to 10 before we move onto recognising near number bonds and near doubles.



In Science, Year 1 will be observing the changing of the seasons, including the weather and day length. We will be working scientifically by getting outside to observe the changes in nature as spring arrives. We will also have lots of opportunities to use our scientific investigation skills in Science week.



In R.E, the children will learn about what it means to belong to a church or mosque.  They will learn what they might see in a mosque or church building, and what the people do when they go there.  They will learn that churches and mosques are special places for the people who go there and how Christians and Muslims show they belong.



In PSHE, we will be learning about what can go into bodies and how it can make people feel.  We will be looking at safe substances to consume and use on our skin.  We will also look at feelings associated with life changes in our Mindmate sessions.



In PE this half term, the children will develop their basic game-playing skills, in particular throwing and catching.  They will play simple games based on net games like tennis and games based on striking and fielding like rounders.  They will have an opportunity to play one against one, one against two, and one against three.  They will learn vital skills, strategies and tactics to outwit the opposition.  



To begin, Year 1 will focus on the song 'Rhythm in the way we walk' by Joanna Mangona. The children will listen to and appraise the song as a class discussing their opinions of the song. We will learn how to find the rhythm and pulse in a range of songs by using our body.



The children will learn basic coding skills using the Espresso Coding programme. They will learn to give precise, unambiguous commands to make characters move around and will move onto designing their own games.


Art and Design and Technology

In Art this half term we will continue our learning about nature art and land art and look more closely at the artist Andy Goldsworthy. We will create an artist fact-file and learn how to critique his and our own artwork with constructive feedback.