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Y1 Summer 2 2021

Here is an overview of what your child will be learning this half term in the different subject areas. If you have any questions about the learning this half term, please contact us as we are more than happy to discuss any queries with you.


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Miss Groves and Miss Wood


Learning Challenge: Can you grow your own Vegetables?

For our final topic in Year 1, we are going to be learning all about plants! The children will have the opportunity to go outdoors and plant some vegetables in our very own school garden. By the end of the topic, the children will be able to describe the structure of plants, identify common wild and garden plants. The children will also discover that they have green fingers by looking after their very own seed ensuring that it has enough water and sunlight!  As a class, we will also be conducting an investigation to answer the question ‘Why do some trees lose their leaves?’ by looking closely at deciduous and evergreen trees. Once the children’s vegetables have grown we will then use our home-grown produce (and maybe a trip to Asda!) to make a healthy pasta sauce. Our other focus this half term is local geography, we will recap upon prior-learning by looking at the human and physical features in our surrounding area. The children will learn how to read a map and will create their very own to represent the school grounds. Finally, we reach the end of a fantastic year with a trip to Skelton Grange where we will get to broaden our knowledge surrounding plants and animals through hands on activities!





The children will be continuing their journey through our reading scheme Read Write Inc. Throughout this journey, the children are provided with many opportunities to ‘Get writing’. The term ‘Get Writing’ is a process in which the children practise saying a sentence and hold the sentence in their mind before writing.  Many of the children will start learning specific grammar elements in their lessons and will work on proofreading their writing and making corrections independently. Spelling will become a focus as we begin to ensure children can spell tricky ‘red’ words in their independent writing.



Now that we have been working with the Read Write Inc scheme for most of the year, the children are very familiar with the lesson structure. They will continue to participate in daily speed sounds sessions where they will learn a new sound and then practise reading and writing words with that sound. Children then move onto their storybook and participate in various activities during the week all related to that storybook. The purpose of focusing on one book all week is to build fluency so that when they bring that book home, they can read it fluently and with confidence. It is their chance to ‘show off’ their wonderful reading.



The children are grouped accordingly based on their phonetic knowledge and therefore every child will be on a slightly different ‘journey’ in phonics. The majority of children are learning set 3 sounds whilst recapping sets 1 and 2. Other children are recapping Set 1 &2 and will soon move onto Set 3. Ultimately, we want the children to be able to spot digraphs/trigraphs (special friends) in the words they are reading in order to encourage accuracy whilst reading.



In maths this half term the children will begin with learning about position and direction. They will be able to describe half, quarter and three-quarter turns as well as left and right.  We will continue to consolidate their knowledge of place value and tens and ones, this time with numbers to 100. They also will be tackling lots of problems linked to money so talking about the value of coins at home with your child would be extremely helpful for them. Last but not least we will be learning about time. The children will learn to tell the time at half past and o’clock.  



This will be covered within our learning challenge topic.



In RE we will be learning about messages and promises found in Christian stories such as Joseph, Isaac and Jacob. The children will learn about what Christians believe about the birth of Jesus and also what a prophet is.



In PSHE, we will be focusing on staying healthy. We will discuss how to keep our minds and bodies healthy before moving onto thinking about staying safe in the sun. We will look at traditions, celebrations and games from other cultures and also continue with our No outsiders program. 



In PE this half term, the children will be mastering basic running, jumping and throwing skills. They will begin to make links between running and jumping and practice their new found skills in different competitive games. The children will also begin a new unit on orienteering which will teach them how to follow instructions and directions supporting our learning in both Maths and Geography.


This half-term the children will be listening to ‘Your Imagination’ by Joanna Mangona and Pete Readman”. This is a song about using your imagination! The children will listen to and discuss how the music evokes creativity. We will also continue to learn about pulse, rhythm, tempo and dynamics through a range of games, singing, playing instruments, improvising and performing their own arrangements.



This half term Year 1 will be continuing to develop their computing skills. The children will continue to amaze us with their coding skills before moving onto word processing. We will also be playing lots of games to help us improve the speed of our typing.


Art and Design and Technology

This will be covered within our learning challenge topic.