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Y2 Autumn 2 2019

Here is an overview of what your child will be learning this half term in the different subject areas. If you have any questions, please contact us as we are more than happy to discuss any queries with you.


Best wishes

Mrs Simmonds, Mrs Darlison and Miss Lockwood


Learning Challenge: Can you design and make a Christmas present?

We are getting into the festive spirit straightaway in Autumn 2 as we start our big design and technology project! The children are going to make a felt phone case to give to one of their parents as a gift at Christmas (Shhh... pretend you don't know!). They will be learning all about the different processes that go into designing and making a product, from researching ideas, developing templates and mock ups to making a final product to meet specific design criteria. They will learn how to do a basic running stitch to join the felt pieces together and will decorate the case to make it look attractive and professional. Make sure you do a convincing surprised face on Christmas day if you are lucky enough to be given it!




This half-term we will be continuing to develop our writing skills through a range of exciting and engaging texts. We will begin by exploring the creative non-fiction picture book, ‘The Emperor’s Egg’ and then move onto instructional writing. Here the children will be able to develop the skill of writing in the present tense. The children will then develop their fictional writing skills through writing an imaginative Christmas story based on ‘The Snowman’. The main focus this half-term will continue to be on sentence structure, simple punctuation and grammar, and developing the use of adjectives and conjunctions to extend and build interest in their sentences.


Guided reading sessions will continue to take place three times a week. The children will spend two weeks on their group book and are given a range of learning opportunities in each guided reading session. They read the book with a teacher, read the book with a buddy, carry out an independent task with the book, such as finding verbs with -ing and -ed endings, and they carry out a reading comprehension task with an adult. During the reading comprehension task, the children are taught to think more deeply about the story and its content. They will answer direct retrieval questions alongside questions about setting, plot and characters’ thoughts, feelings or motivations. The children are also given opportunities to discuss their opinions about a text, stating whether they enjoyed it or not and comparing the text to similar stories they have read. Keep up those bedtime stories at home and chatting about your favourite parts!


Spelling and Phonics

This half term, we are going to learn some new spelling patterns, particularly those which we find at the end of words. We will learn spellings which have el, le, il and al at the end, such as camel, table, pencil and metal. We will learn spellings for words ending in y such as fly, army, baby and we will explore how we can drop the y and add ies – flies, babies, armies. We will also look at the suffixes ing, ed and er and how these groups of letters can be added to the end of a root word to create new words, e.g. hike can become hiking, hiked and hiker. The children will continue to practise spelling the Year 2 national curriculum exception words in every spelling and phonics lesson. Thank you so much for helping your child with their spelling practice at home. We are already seeing an improvement in their writing as a result so please keep it up. We will continue to send home weekly spellings on a Friday and there will sometimes be some extra information to tell you about the particular spelling pattern they have learnt in class.



This half term the children will continue learning about addition and subtraction for the first couple of weeks. They will be progressing to learning how to add and subtract 2 two-digit numbers using a formal method. Once they have learnt this method they will be solving a range of problems involving addition and subtraction. They will then be learning all about money. We will recap all the coins, notes and their values so the children are really confident with what money is worth. We will then move on to lots of problem solving with money: adding, subtracting and comparing amounts. The children will be using the mental strategy they have learnt to add multiples of ten in their heads.



In R.E the children will continue to learn about how and why Christians and Muslims pray. They will learn about religious symbols, what they represent and how they can help people who pray. We will also learn about how Christians celebrate Christmas and that prayer can be important and special at this time of year.



Our unit this half term is identity, society and democracy where the children will be learning about what makes themselves and others special, roles and responsibilities at home and at school and the importance of being co-operative with others.


In Tuesday’s PE lesson, the children will be developing their dance skills. They will be learning how to perform basic actions with control and consistency at different speeds and levels. They will be learning how to respond imaginatively to music and work as a part of a group to create and perform short movement sequences to music. In Thursday’s PE lesson, the children will be focusing on developing their co-ordination, movement and balance through a variety of games and activities with a strong focus on teamwork. They will also be developing their hand-eye co-ordination and basic ball skills, which includes work on their catching and throwing abilities.



Music lessons will be dedicated to perfecting our wonderful Christmas production! The Year 1 and 2 Production is on Monday 16th December and Tuesday 17th December. Tickets will be available nearer the date and more information can be found on our school website.



In computing we will be looking at coding and how computers need exact instructions in order to complete tasks. This will be done through Discovery Coding, instructional writing sessions and apps such as Daisy the Dinosaur, Cargo-Bot and A.L.E.X.


Art and Design and Technology

This will be covered within our learning challenge topic.