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Y2 Spring 2 2020

Year 2 Curriculum Newsletter for Spring 2 2020


Welcome back everybody, we hope you have enjoyed the half-term break. Let’s hope the weather starts to pick up this half-term and we can start spotting the signs of Spring outside! Here is an overview of what the children will be learning this half term in the different subject areas.


Best wishes

Mrs Simmonds, Mrs Darlison and Miss Lockwood


Learning Challenge: How would my life be different in China?

We will be kicking off our learning challenge by having our own mini celebration for Chinese New Year! The children will have the opportunity to learn all about the traditions and celebrations of this festival and will get the opportunity to taste some traditional Chinese food. The learning challenge will be mainly focusing on developing the children’s geographical skills and knowledge. They will begin by exploring atlases, maps and globes to understand where the UK and China are in the world. They will be learning to name and locate the world’s seven continents and the five oceans.  (Ask for a rendition of the songs!)  The children will also be comparing Farsley and Beijing by looking at their human and physical geographical features, highlighting any similarities and differences. We will be concluding our China learning challenge with a Year 2 assembly on Wednesday 1st April at 9:10am till 9.45am. We hope to see you all there!



We will be using a traditional Chinese tale called ‘The Magic Paintbrush’ to inspire our writing this half-term. The story tells of a poor young girl who is given a magic paintbrush. She kindly paints food and water for the poor but a greedy Emperor steals the paintbrush. The children will explore the contrasting characters in the book and use expanded noun phrases and conjunctions to describe them in detail. Then, we will use ‘Talk for Writing’ techniques to make our own changes to the characters and events and write a similar story. Our writing focus will be to ensure our story ideas are well thought out and link together. The children will need to spell all Year 1 and 2 High Frequency Words correctly and use a range of conjunctions to extend their sentences. In preparation for our end of year assessments, we will be giving the children plenty of opportunities to write at length, so they can fill a whole page in their writing book!


We will be continuing to teach reading lessons as a whole class to focus and develop the children’s reading skills using a variety of fiction and non-fiction texts. The children will continue to develop the skills of predicting, using clues in the text to work out the meaning of unknown words, drawing on their background knowledge to help them with their understanding and visualising what is happening in the text. The texts we will be exploring will be closely linked to our China learning challenge. There will be lots of opportunities for the children to discuss their thoughts and ideas about a text in partners, in groups and with an adult. Alongside this, the children will continue to build on their fluency, expression and tone when reading aloud. In addition, children will continue to read with an adult once a week. Please continue to read with your child and foster the love of reading - it really boosts their progress, enjoyment and confidence!



Spelling and Phonics

This half-term, we are going to begin by recapping and learning more homophones and near homophones such as: see/sea, no/know and to/two/too. The children will then go on to learn how to spell words with the suffixes ‘-ment’, ‘-ness’, ‘-ful’, ‘-less’, and ‘-ly’ (e.g. enjoyment, sadness and careful). Later in the half-term, the children will build on their spelling knowledge of adding ‘-ies’ to words ending in ‘-y’ when the word is plural (e.g. ‘cherry’ becomes ‘cherries’). The children will continue to practise spelling the Year 2 National Curriculum common exception words and recap their phonics knowledge in every phonics and spelling lesson. We have continued to see an improvement in the children’s spelling in their writing throughout the year. Thank you so much for you continued support with the spelling homework. We will continue to send weekly spellings home on a Friday, which will sometimes include extra information to tell you about the particular spelling pattern your child has learnt in class.



This half term the children will be learning all about the properties of 2D and 3D shapes. They will learn how to count the number of sides, edges, faces and vertices and how to recognise if a shape has a vertical line of symmetry. They will also be practising accurately drawing different shapes, recognising which 3D shapes are represented by 2D nets and exploring shape patterns. After that, we move on to fractions. The children will consolidate their learning from Year 1 - finding one half and one quarter of lengths, objects, shapes and quantities. Next, they will progress to finding one third and three quarters. We will still be practising times tables or number bonds every morning so keep up the hard work on Times Table Rock Stars! The children are making amazing progress.



In science, we will be finding out about the basic needs of humans for survival. We will also think about the importance of exercise, eating the right amounts of different food types, and also good hygiene. Finally, we will learn that all animals and humans have offspring and how animals and humans change as they grow.



This half-term we will begin a unit of work about looking after our planet and the children will produce some creative outcomes detailing what they think is good about our world. The children will learn about how people of different faiths believe that the world was created. We will then think about what we can do as responsible citizens to protect and care for the world we live in.



Our unit this half term is ‘Medicines and Me’ where children will learn that medicines are taken to help people stay healthy or to get better if they are ill. They will learn that doctors can prescribe medicines or that they can be bought from a pharmacy. Most importantly, they will learn all about how to keep safe around medicines and that they can be harmful if not taken correctly.


PE for Year 2 will be on a Tuesday and Thursday afternoon. On Tuesdays, we will be learning how to express ourselves through movement and dance and we will be using the story ‘The Magic Paintbrush’ as our stimulus. The children will work in pairs and groups to develop dance sequences to represent the different events in the story. They will respond to slow and fast tempos and will learn how to use their different body parts and facial expressions to convey the emotions of the story to an audience. In Thursday’s PE lesson, the children will be developing their hitting skills with a variety of bats and improving their catching skills. They will use these skills in small team games. We will also be developing our running skills with the aim to run a mile- without stopping!



In Music this half term the children will add to their growing bank of songs and rhymes and will continue to learn about rhythm, pulse, tempo and dynamics. The children will be learning about the key elements of music predominantly through singing and games - along with opportunities to create rhythms using a range of instruments.



In computing this half term, the children will be developing their coding skills. They will be learning how to programme and animate using Espresso Coding.


Art and Design and Technology

The children will be developing their drawing skills and learning how lines can be used to create different textures and patterns. To link with our China topic, they will then apply these skills to create a drawing of a Willow pattern plate which depicts a traditional Chinese story.