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Y2 Summer 1 2021

Year 2 Curriculum Newsletter for Summer 1 2021


Welcome back everybody, we hope you have enjoyed the Easter break. Here is an overview of what the children will be learning this half term in the different subject areas. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to pop in anytime.


Best wishes

Mrs Ibison and Miss Robertson


Learning Challenge: How has David Hockney’s art changed over time?

We are very excited to be doing our first art-based learning challenge! David Hockney, born in Bradford, is known as one of the most influential artists from the UK. We will be exploring a wide range of his art works, developing our artistic voice by giving opinions and spotting similarities and differences. We will take inspiration from Hockney’s swimming pool pieces. We will experiment with a range of media, such as watercolours with salt, wax crayon rubbings and collage to create water. We will then produce our own final swimming pool portrait, drawing ourselves swimming in the water. Finally, we will explore some of Hockney’s more recent works, using the Brushes app on the iPads. We will have a go at using this app to create a colourful landscape.




This half-term, the children will be developing their writing skills by writing a range of texts. The children will begin the half-term by writing sentences that include powerful adjectives, powerful verbs and a range of conjunctions, all inspired by a fun, fantastical animation. They will then be focusing on writing about real life events, starting with a recount of a school-based mystery. Over this half term, the children will be putting all of their writing skills into practise within longer pieces of writing. They will also work on the skills of self-editing and peer-editing, something they have already begun to do and enjoy. Developing these skills will help them to find their own punctuation, spelling and grammatical errors, as well as identifying how they can improve the content of their own writing or that of a classmate.

A “real and very expensive” Hockney print has gone missing in Year 2! Where has it gone? Has somebody taken it? The children will need to search high and low for clues to solve this mystery!


We are going to continue with our RWI reading lessons over this half term.  We are also going to begin exploring richer texts to develop the children’s reading skills. The children will be learning how to tackle a range of questions involving different fiction, non-fiction and poetry texts. Alongside this, the children will continue to build on their fluency, expression and tone when reading aloud. Please continue to read with your child and foster the love of reading - it really boosts their progress, enjoyment and confidence!


Spelling and Phonics

This half-term, we are going to begin by learning to spell words with the ‘ee’ sound spelt ‘ey’ (e.g. donkey, trolley). We will then move onto learning to spell words with ‘a’ pronounced ‘o’ after w an qu (e.g. quality, watch). After this, we will learn that the ‘er’ and ‘or’ sound can be spelt with ‘or’ or ‘ar’ (e.g. word, war). The children will then learn that the ‘zh’ sound can be spelt with an s (e.g. treasure, usual). To finish our spelling for this half term, we will spell words with the suffixes ‘-ment’, ‘-ness’, ‘-ful’ and ‘-less’. We will continue to practise spelling the Year 2 National Curriculum common exception words in every spelling lesson. We will also continue to send weekly spellings home on a Friday and set spelling assignments on Spelling Shed. Thank you so much for helping your child with their spellings at home.



In Maths this half term we will be learning about fractions by finding different amounts. We will be learning to recognise, find and count in fractions and use lots of resources to help! The children will then move on to learning all about position and direction. The children will practise giving and following directions to move in a straight line forwards, backwards, left and right. They will also be learning how to make half, quarter and three-quarter turns both clockwise and anti-clockwise. Please keep up regular practise on Times Tables Rock Stars. It is having a massive impact on the children's mental maths skills. 



In science, we will explore and compare the differences between things that are living, dead, and things that have never been alive. We will find out how different animals are suited to their habitats and how these habitats provide the basic needs of different animals and plants. We will learn how animals obtain their food from plants and other animals, using the idea of a simple food chain, and identify and name different sources of food.



The overarching RE question for this half term is “What did Jesus teach and how did he live?” In this unit of learning, we will be exploring this question and listening to different religious stories.



The PSHE unit this half-term is, ‘Careers, financial capability and economic wellbeing’. Pupils will explore the value of money and become familiar with basic budgeting.


Our outdoor PE lesson this half term will be on Monday. In this lesson, we will be working together as part of a team to work on our running, jumping and throwing. On a Wednesday, we will be focusing on gymnastics. In these lessons, we will be using a range of apparatus and working in groups to travel, move and balance using control. 



In Music this half-term, the children will be taking part in a range of activities and games where they will learn about a range of musical concepts. They will be learning to sing at a given pitch and to sing at different volume levels. They will learn about a range of percussion instruments and how to hold and play them correctly. The children will also use their listening skills to identify voices and instruments by sound only.



We will use the brushes app on the iPad to create art in the style of David Hockney. The children will explore a wide range of paint and drawing tools and learn to reduce the size of the brushes and pens to make their work more detailed.


Art and Design and Technology

Art will be taught as part of our learning challenge.