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Y3 Spring 1 2020

Here is an overview of what your child will be learning this half term in the different subject areas.  The Learning Challenge focus usually encompasses several curriculum areas. If you have any questions about the learning this half term, please contact us as we are more than happy to discuss any queries with you.


Best wishes

Miss Smith and Miss Lanaway


Learning Challenge: When is a mummy not a mummy?

We will continue with our Ancient Egyptian topic this half term. This learning challenge question focuses on both the geography of Egypt as well as a significant part of its history. We will be looking at the climate of Egypt and how this might impact on the way the Egyptians lived and dressed. We will investigate why the River Nile was important to the Ancient Egyptians and how it influenced their lives. As the topic progresses we will be looking at how we know about Ancient Egypt, focusing on evidence and the work of archaeologists. We will be using our fact finding skills to research what the ancient Egyptians believed; linked to gods and the afterlife. The children’s learning will culminate with the year group creating a Museum style exhibit to share with the parents and carers.



During the first few weeks the children will be writing a spooky story based on their topic of Ancient Egypt. The children will need to use appropriate adjectives, verbs and adverbs to create atmosphere in their writing. They will also describe and show the feelings of their character. The children will learn to extend their sentences with adverbial phrases and learn how to vary the structure of their sentences using a variety of openers and conjunctions. The children will use adventurous vocabulary and proof read their writing to check for mistakes and edit them independently. Following on from this unit the children will be focusing their efforts on non fiction writing by creating an explanation text about Egyptian Gods.  In order to support their spooky writing the children will be reading several spooky stories. They will start by looking at The Spider and the Fly by Mary Howitt and then move on to other short stories. They will also be looking at spooky images and practising their inference skills.  The grammar for this term will revise topics we have already covered such as word class, inverted commas and contractions. We will also learn how to effectively use question and exclamation marks.  



This half term in maths we will be continuing to focus on multiplication and division. The children will use their knowledge of multiplication facts to apply to new multiplication problems, by examining patterns and relationships in number, for example, using our knowledge of the 4x tables to work out answers to the 40x tables. We will use our multiplication skills to help support our understanding of division, both practically and in formal written methods. We will be using a range of practical and visual representations to aid in our understanding of multiplication and division and when ready, the children will progress onto formal written methods. As always, children will be learning their times tables, which really does help them in class and we would appreciate your continued support by practicing them at home. This half term, we will be focusing on our 8 times tables, but continued practice of 2s, 4s, 5s and 10s at home will be especially useful too.



This half term the children will be learning about forces and magnets to answer the question – ‘Do opposites attract?’ We will be investigating what forces are and the fact that you cannot see them. The children will learn about the poles of the magnets and what happens when they are brought together. They will also investigate magnetic and non-magnetic objects in practical experiments, finding out which materials are attracted to magnets.  Scientific methods will be revised using predictions and fair testing.


Design and Technology

In Design and Technology the children will learn about structures. The children will design and make a structure to house a museum artefact. They will learn about 3D shapes and how to construct them from nets. The children will choose suitable material to make their products from and design them so they attract people to look inside and find out about the Ancient Egyptians.



In RE we will be learning about Christianity. We will read lots of different parables and think about how the morals and message in these stories are relevant to our own lives today. We will also be learning about the Ten Commandments and developing our very own ‘rules to live by.’



This half-term in PE we will be covering Tag Rugby and Dance. For the dance unit we are lucky enough to be joined by a dance specialist from Phoenix Dance Academy.



This half-term in PSHE we will be focusing on bullying and how to keep safe. The children discuss what bullying is and how it can make people feel. They will also explore the different types of bullying and how to respond to incidents of bullying. They will learn about and develop strategies to deal with bullying and what to do if they witness bullying.



In Music this half-term, the children will be learning about singing posture and will be furthering an awareness of pitch change. They will be learning a variety of songs to help to develop this concept. They will also be learning about dynamics when singing and will be listening to recorded music with changing dynamics. They will also be learning about African music and instruments.  In their instrument lessons with Miss Owen they will be learning how to play the chime bars.



In Computing, we will be learning about Coding using the programme Espresso Coding. The children will refresh their skills that they learnt last year before beginning to use timings to sequence actions in their programmes. Towards the end of the half term they will use commands to make items appear and disappear.