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Y3 Spring 2 2021

Here is an overview of what your child will be learning this half term in the different subject areas. The Learning Challenge focus usually encompasses several curriculum areas. If you have any questions about the learning this half term, please contact us, as we are more than happy to discuss any queries with you.


Yours sincerely

Miss Lanaway and Miss Sprakes


Learning Challenge: When is a mummy not a mummy?

This term, the children will begin their exciting new topic all about Ancient Egypt!

They will dig into the history of Egypt, learn about life there, their religion as well as investigating why the Egyptians mummified their dead. They will also explore different pieces of Ancient Egyptian art work and the importance of the Rosetta Stone to understand the daily life during this period.



During the first few weeks the children will be writing a spooky story based on their topic of Ancient Egypt. The children will need to use appropriate adjectives, verbs and adverbs to create atmosphere in their writing. They will also describe and show the feelings of their character. The children will learn to extend their sentences with conjunctions and learn how to vary the structure of their sentences by using a variety of openers. The children will use adventurous vocabulary and proof read their writing to check for mistakes and edit them independently. Following on from this unit the children will be focusing their efforts on non-fiction writing by interviewing Howard Carter and delving deep into the Pharaoh’s past with a written diary!


In order to support their spooky writing, the children will be reading several spooky stories. They will start by looking at ‘The Spider and the Fly’ by Mary Howitt and then move on to other short stories. They will also be looking at spooky images and practising their inference skills.


The grammar for this term will revise topics we have already covered such as: capital letters and full stops, clauses, commas for a list and apostrophes.   




This half term, children will focus on length and measurement – children will be introduced to millimetres for the first time as well as building on their previous knowledge of understanding cm’s and m’s. Children will then go on to  learn about fractions and developing an understanding that a fraction is a part of a whole. The children will start this unit by adding fractions to complete the whole and understanding the terms numerator and denominator. They will then look at tenths of an amount and how this arises from splitting a shape into 10 equal parts and how to count up and down in tenths. Next, we will look at recognising and using fractions as numbers including unit fractions and non-unit fractions with small denominators. Also to compare and order unit fractions, and fractions with the same denominators. Children will use apparatus to develop an understanding of fractions as numbers and fractions of objects with small denominators.


Design and Technology

In Design and Technology, the children will learn about structures. The children will design and make a structure to house a museum artefact. They will learn about 3D shapes and how to construct them from nets. The children will choose suitable material to make their products from and design them so they attract people to look inside and find out about the Ancient Egyptians.



In RE we will be learning about Christianity. We will read lots of different parables and think about how the morals and message in these stories are relevant to our own lives today. We will also be learning about the Ten Commandments and developing our very own 'rules to live by'.



Geography will be taught through our learning challenge looking at the countries and continents of the world and comparing how physical landscape features such as the River Nile were important to daily life in Ancient Egypt.



In this unit children will learn to identify factors that affect their choices and practice skills for resisting unhelpful pressures or influences. They learn the importance of making informed choices about their health. There is a specific focus on smoking.



This half-term in French, the children will be learning the names of foods. This will be linked to healthy eating. They will also learn about some French Easter traditions and will be using their knowledge of colours to describe Easter eggs. The children will also play games and sing songs to help them to revise the vocabulary learnt over the Autumn term and the first half of the Spring term.



This half term, the focus for computing in Year 3 will be on multimedia and creating an animation. Using the iPads, we will be working on making different effects with technology tools on the apps, Puppet Pals and I Can Animate. They will also create a simple stop motion animation with blutac. After practising their skills, children will create a computer generation animation with a voiceover.  



This half term the children will be re-capping their learning from Spring 1 about forces and magnets to answer the question - 'Why do we slip on ice?' We will be investigating what forces are and the fact that you cannot see them. The children will learn about the poles of the magnets and what happens when they are brought together. They will also investigate magnetic and non-magnetic objects in practical experiments, finding out which materials are attracted to magnets. Scientific methods will be revised using predictions and fair testing. This term also has science week - where children will partake in a number of different experiments using the 5 different types of scientific enquiry.