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Y4 Autumn 2 2019

Here is an overview of what your child will be learning this half term in the different subject areas.  The Learning Challenge focus usually encompasses several curriculum areas.   If you have any questions about the learning this half term, please contact us as we are more than happy to discuss any queries with you.


Yours sincerely

Robyn Hayton and Natasha Lax


 Learning Challenges: ‘Do we live in the best city ever?’ and ‘What’s in a wire?’

For the first two weeks of the half term, we will be continuing our learning challenge from Autumn 1 learning about living and working conditions during the Industrial Revolution. The  children will also be given the opportunity to research an area of the Industrial Revolution which interests them. The learning challenge will end with our exhibition about the city! Our second learning challenge is a really practical hands-on topic for the children to enjoy. It focuses on science and DT so there are lots of great opportunities for the children to find things out for themselves. The children will start the topic learning about how circuits work and experimenting with different conductors and insulators. They will look for patterns in what they learn and will start to think about how this links with the electricity that powers their home. The children will learn to identify whether a circuit is complete or not and will look at different types of switches, creating their own. As the topic develops and the term gets more festive, the children will begin to think about applying all of the great skills that they have learnt. They will investigate different types of festive lights that are on the market and will do some market research to find out what they could create. The race is then on to get building for the Year 4 Christmas light switch on. We are really looking forward to seeing them make and wire their own lamps.



This half term allows the children to develop their fiction writing skills, with lots of writing based on our class novel. The children will learn about different types of sentences and using conjunctions to link ideas as they write letters from a protagonist to her Mother. They will then deepen their letter writing skills, using persuasive devices to try to get the characters to believe in Narnia. They will then go on to look at descriptive writing based on the wintery world of Narnia. The children will expand their sentence skills and will work on starting sentences in a range of ways, including enough detail to interest the reader and using a range of sentence types. At the very end of the half term as the children begin to think about the Christmas play, our writing will also get more seasonal and the children will be learning about the poem ‘Twas the night before Christmas’ before moving on to writing their own Christmas poems. In their grammar this half term the children will be learning about a range of concepts including expanded noun phrases, the present tense and imperative verbs. Each week the children will also have reading lessons based on understanding and enjoying a class text. This half term we have chosen the novel ‘The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe’. This text will allow us some great opportunities to focus on recalling information, interpreting the author’s meaning and to consider language choices. The children’s spelling lessons will also continue this half term. They will be using the new spelling scheme and the log books will continue to come home regularly for this.



At the start of the half term, the children will begin their work on addition and subtraction and apply these skills to a range of puzzles and problems. There will also be lots of opportunities for the children to develop their reasoning skills throughout the half term too. The children will then begin to work on multiplication, beginning with metal strategies and recognising factors. When they are confident with this they will then begin to work on written methods including the column method, where they will multiply 2 and 3 digit numbers by any single digit. As with many areas of maths the children’s times tables are vital in their confidence with this and we really appreciate all of the extra support that they have at home.



Will be taught through the learning challenge curriculum.



This half term in RE, the children will be developing their understanding of how important events are remembered in ceremonies. This unit continues to explore festivals of light from Judaism, Sikhism, Hinduism, Paganism and Ancient Civilisations. It will consider how some festivals use light as a representation of hope, remembrance and freedom. As part of this topic the children will continue to draw comparisons between religions and will be given the opportunity to share their own beliefs and feelings.  At the end of the unit the children will also begin to look at what different faiths make up our community.



This half term the children are continuing their new PE scheme. As well as going swimming once a week where the children will continue to build their water confidence and work on their breast stroke, back stroke and front crawl techniques, the children will also start a new gymnastics unit. Within this unit the children will learn different rolling techniques, balancing to develop strength and creating a sequence.



This half term the focus for computing in Year 4 will be espresso coding and computational thinking.  Year 4 will have the opportunity to develop their use of instructions and their coding skills to create and run computer programmes.  The children will be independent in their enquiry as they will be able to choose success criteria that will help them make progress at their appropriate level in espresso.



Will be taught through the learning challenge curriculum.



In PSHE, the children will be learning about identity, society and equality this half term. The main focus of the unit will be on the theme of democracy and what this means in our society. The goal of the unit is to help children to learn about how laws are made and challenged through debate and how the local council functions. This unit will also support children to understand their role in a democratic society.



In Music this half-term, the children will learn that pitch levels can be compared as being higher or lower, that dynamic levels can be compared as being louder or quieter and that tempos can be compared as being faster or slower. They will learn a range of songs and will be playing related games to consolidate these musical concepts. They will also be developing the experience of using the Thinking Voice.



This half-term in French, the children will be revising what they learnt last half-term through a range of songs and games. They will learn vocabulary related to zoo animals and will learn how to write sentences about them. They will also learn the alphabet in French. They will be taking part in some Christmas activities based around the text ‘Le bonhomme de neige’ (The Snowman).