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Y4 Spring 1 2019

Here is an overview of what your child will be learning this half term in the different subject areas. The Learning Challenge focus usually encompasses several curriculum areas. If you have any questions about the learning this half term, please contact us as we are more than happy to discuss any queries with you.


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Miss Henson and Mrs Hayton


Learning Challenge: ‘What changed India?’

This half term begins with a real geography focus for the children as they widen their horizons learning about a contrasting country. The children learn about the key places in India and consider what makes a city. They will also think about the reasons people choose the places in which they live and think about what makes a good place to live. As the topic develops, there are opportunities to learn about the human geography of the country. The children learn about the history of India including the British Rule there and the separation of Pakistan and the life of Ghandi. This also allows for some great philosophy sessions and class debates. The topic also focuses on the art of India including watercolour lotus flowers and block printing. We will enhance the children’s learning through India day where the children will do topic themed activities through the day including dancing, art and cooking. 



This half term much of the writing will be linked to the topic of India. The children will be writing travel diaries by learning about Navrati festival and using imagery as well as talk for writing to go on an imaginary journey which will give the children a first step into understanding another culture. Children will then go on to write travel guides about the must see places in the country. They will also develop their understanding of persuasive devices such as imperative verbs, and persuasive sentence openers to convince the reader as part of this. Linking with our learning challenge, reading will examine areas of Indian history, studying the life of Gandhi and the lasting impact he has left on the world. The children will be focusing on building their retrieval and inference skills over the topic while also looking at ways they can relate their experiences to the experiences of others. Year 4 are reading Varjak Paw by S.F Said which they will use to continue developing their interpretation skills throughout the half term. In Grammar the children will continue to develop their understanding of clauses and phrases looking at the way we can use fronted adverbials to develop our writing and add detail to the adverb. We will also revise contraction and possession while building the children’s understanding of apostrophe use. In spelling children are learning about the way prefixes and suffixes can alter a route word as well as the spelling rules surrounding /sc/ as well as words ending in –ous and –sion.



The children start this half term by recapping their knowledge of multiplication and applying this to multiplying a digit by 2 or 3 digits, followed by further work on division. Year 4 will then move on to focus on decimal numbers, especially focusing on 10, 100 and 1000 more and less. The children will also look at different representations of numbers as decimals and their relation to fractions before focusing on developing fractions understanding further. There will be an emphasis on ‘real world’ applications of decimal numbers, such as money. The children will be working on solving problems involving fractions and the ways we use fractions to divide. Each week we will have a focus times table and this half term these include building links between related times tables such as the 3 and 6 times tables and the related division facts.



This half term our science topic is all about the human digestive system as we ask the question ‘Where does poo come from?’ As part of this topic the children will find out about the main organs of the digestive system and their functions. We will also find out about the different types of teeth, what they are for and how to look after them. The topic will finish with a focus on food chains, they will learn about predators, prey and consumers and their different roles.



Our RE focus this half term is words of wisdom through religion and how these can help people to be more focused and determined in life.  To encourage the children to engage with this, we will be looking at meditation and yoga across the curriculum and drawing links to religious practice in our learning challenge including the Muslim, Christian and Sikh faiths.  There will also be opportunities for role play as children retell religious stories.



Will be taught through the learning challenge



In art, the children will be learning about repeat print techniques from different eras and cultures; first paisley sari designs, using felt tip pen linking to our India topic, followed by a study of Andy Warhol and how he revolutionised the art industry by use of similar techniques. They will then apply these designs to the skills of block printing. The children will also be designing their own mehndi hand art developing their pencil line drawing skills.



In Music this half-term, the children will be learning to play song rhythms on untuned percussion instruments. They will also learn the basic principles of simple time rhythm. They will learn to use spoken rhythm names for simple time. They will be listening to some orchestral music and will be learning about the range of percussion instruments within an orchestra. They will also be learning about Indian music and instruments.



This half term the children will continue with their swimming each week. The children will also be focusing on the fundamental movement skills of balance and coordination, looking at ball skills. We will be spending time developing our ability to balance while moving in different ways, ensuring that our movements are controlled and fluid. We will also be working on our ability to hold a ball securely whilst moving in different ways, and will look at how to pass and receive a ball in a controlled, safe way. As well as these fundamental movement skills we will be working on developing our cognitive ability, by planning ahead, using quick fire decision making skills and thinking about evaluating our own work in PE sessions.



Our topic this half term is having a healthy lifestyle. The children will learn about ways to keep healthy including physical and mental health. They will be learning about making choices and the impact of these on their health. The children will also continue their regular circle time lessons.



This half-term in French, the children will be revising work they did last term and they will be recapping basic vocabulary through a range of speaking and listening activities. They will be learning the names of family members and will be using this vocabulary to write sentences about their own families. They will learn the names of some pets and will learn about common letter strings and the sounds they make in French. They will listen to a story and will perform parts in a short play using the family and animal vocabulary they have learnt.



This half term in computing we will be looking at Online Safety and especially at the dangers young people face when they are playing games online. To show what we have learned both Year 4 classes will be making films about Online Safety on the iPad app iMovie.