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Y5 Autumn 1 2021

Here is an overview of what your child will be learning this half term in the different subject areas.  The Learning Challenge focus usually encompasses several curriculum areas.   If you have any questions about the learning this half term, please contact us as we are more than happy to discuss any queries with you.


Best wishes

Miss Ferguson and Miss Owen


Learning Challenge: ‘Is there anybody out there?

Our learning challenge this half term is a science based topic on our solar system. We will start by looking at our position in the solar system as well as looking at the order of the planets and how these are linked to the stars. We will work on using a range of different memory techniques and developing ways to help us remember the order of the planets. The children will also recognise the planets as spherical objects. We will then move onto looking at the characteristics of different planets and whether they are able to support life or not, space exploration and how the movement of the Earth creates day and night. We will be looking at the phases of the moon and understanding why the Moon looks different at different times of the month. During our topic we will also be planning and carrying out a scientific enquiry into why the sun appears to move throughout the day – this will help children develop their scientific thinking and questioning skills. Ultimately, we will be aiming to answer our question about whether other planets within our solar system could support life!



In writing this half term, we will be focusing on audience and purpose. First, we will explore the audience and purpose of different types of writing in order to further understand why different types of writing have differing styles. Our first piece of writing will be focused on writing to inform by creating a biography about the life of Cosmonaut, Valentina Tereshkova. We will work on making this engaging as well as information and how we can vary our sentence types to include information. We will continue to work on this purpose by looking at newspaper reports linked to our class book of The Iron Man. We will look at formal language choices and the impact this will have on the reader. Throughout this, we will incorporate a range of facts and opinions through quotations and understand the difference between the two. We will also be continuing to consolidate and build on learnt reading skills such as retrieval and inference. We will also look at symbolism and look at recognising this throughout the Iron Man. Handwriting will also be a focus this half term, with children practicing discretely and also being expected to use excellent handwriting in all areas of written work, not just writing lessons.



We will begin this year by introducing children to the Year 5 objectives to do with place value and problem solving using the four operations. Children will have chance to build on their learning from previous years as they work towards Year 5 objectives. Firstly, we will be recapping our learning from Year 4 and reading, writing, ordering and comparing numbers up to 1,000,000. We will look at column addition using numbers with more than four digits before using this knowledge to use rounding to check accuracy of calculations. This is a skill that will be implemented across all four operations. During addition and subtraction, there will be a focus on children mentally adding and subtracting numbers to increase their confidence and ability to calculate fluently in their heads. When we move on to multiplication and division, children will use the bus stop division method with increasingly large numbers and long multiplication to move in to multiplying four and five digit numbers by two digit numbers, as well as rounding to check accuracy. Children will have opportunities in all lessons to not only practice their skills but to apply their learning to problems, as well as using their reasoning skills. Times table practice will take place every morning, with children being challenged on a range of their times tables. Children need to continue using Times Tables Rockstars as often as possible at home to keep improving on this!  We will also be using our mornings to keep practising our arithmetic and calculation skills which will get increasingly challenging as the year goes on.



This half term we will be studying forces and looking at each in turn to see their effects. We will work scientifically to be able to investigate a range of forces including friction, gravity and air resistance. To consolidate investigations from year 4, we will also be looking at ways to make our testing fair.


Art and Design Technology

This half term we will look at printing. Throughout this we will practise a range of skills linked to printing including making different marks, overlaying colour and using contrasting colours to create an image. We will eventually use these skills to create our own space inspired art piece where we will show different planets using a range of patterns and textures.



This half term we will be focusing on places of pilgrimage and looking at why people go on special journeys. This will include children looking at places which are special to them as well as looking at Jewish, Christian and Islamic places of pilgrimage.



In PE this half term we will be learning all about team work in our outdoor adventurous activity sessions. These sessions will focus on teamwork skills such as listening and being a team leader. Children will also begin to learn some orienteering skills and use these with the map skills they are developing in geography. We will also be focusing on sports leadership skills and working through a series of lessons designed to develop our communication and coaching skills.



This half term Year 5 will be exploring the theme of friendship. They will spend time discussing and exploring various aspects of friendship such as empathy, managing feelings and developing social skills relating to friendships. They will consider possible barriers to friendship such as making assumptions and pre-judging others. They will explore strategies for coping with people with different personalities to their own and develop knowledge of how to behave in an appropriate manner for a variety of relationships.  We will continue to learn about mental health through our Mindmate lessons.



This half term in Computing we will be recapping the rules for keeping ourselves safe online, including the use of personal data and how to keep ourselves safe online. We will work by looking at various scenarios and understanding and offering solutions on how we keep safe. We will work hard to improve our typing skills and learn how to use all our fingers and thumbs to make our typing quicker.