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Y5 Summer 1 2019

Year 5 Curriculum Newsletter for Summer 1 2019


Here is an overview of what your child will be learning this half term in the different subject areas.  The Learning Challenge focus usually encompasses several curriculum areas.   If you have any questions about the learning this half term, please contact us as we are more than happy to discuss any queries with you.


Best wishes

Miss Ferguson and Miss Owen


Learning Challenge:  Would you have survived in Roman Britain?

Year 5’s topic this half term is ‘Would you have survived in Roman Britain?’ We will start this topic by looking at where the Roman invasion of Britain fits into our chronological timeline compared to other historical topics we have studied so far in school. We will be going on a trip to Murton Park. This trip will allow pupils to be fully immersed in the working culture of Roman Britain and enable them to develop an understanding of the Roman army, as they become Roman soldiers for the day. Back in the classroom, this learning will be developed through historical enquiry investigations where the children will use sources to learn some of the most famous events in Roman history, in particular the Roman invasions of Britain beginning with Julius Caesar’s first invasion. Following this, children will learn about the reaction of the Celts and begin to look at ways that history was recorded during the Roman period by looking at historical reports of Boudicca, the formidable Celtic queen. Throughout this topic, children will develop a good understanding of how historians analyse sources to create theories and make observations about how we used to live.



In English we will be writing a historical narrative based on the daily life of a young working Roman Britain. We will be recapping on grammar techniques we have learnt over the course of the year including accurate use of direct speech, subordinate and relative clauses and parenthesis to add extra information to our stories. As well as this we will be challenging ourselves to write a variety of text types within our narrative and reminding ourselves of how to write newspaper articles, diary entries and letters. The class novel for this half term is one of Caroline Lawrence’s Roman Mysteries: Escape from Rome. The children will be using this to develop their understanding of what life was like for a Roman child living under the fierce rule of ruthless Roman emperors.



Year 5 will continue learning about fractions this term and link it to knowledge of decimals and percentages. We will look at different ways of representing decimals using counters, place value grids and hundredths squares. Building on from our year 4 learning, we will learn about the thousandths column and apply this in calculations including addition and subtraction. Towards the end of the year, we will begin to look more at shape and space. We will look at the properties of 2D and 3D shapes and practise sorting these in a variety of ways including Carroll and Venn diagrams. The children will also explore practical ways to understand volume by working with, and filling, a range of different containers. Whilst learning all these skills, we will have a focus on problem solving and introduce the children to a range of different questions types where they can show off their reasoning skills, including missing number and ‘what went wrong’ style questions.



This half term the children will be starting their SRE lessons, focussing on positive relationships, physical and emotional changes and body image.



Our R.E this half term stems from the question ‘should we forgive others?’ This will explore the concepts of forgiveness and reconciliation in Christianity. This is an important topic at this age as the children are learning that not every small playground fall outs need to be the end of the world and that forgiveness is often better than harbouring ill feelings. This links to the Christian examples and teachings referring to their own experiences, beliefs and values.



History is being taught through our learning challenge this half term.



In Art this half term, children will be creating Roman shields practising a range of sketching, painting and shading techniques.



PE this half term will focus on rounders and hockey. We will continue to build on the fielding skills we have practised in our cricket lessons and apply these to rounders games. We will also begin to work on our batting skills. In hockey, we will focus on controlled movement with the ball and how to pass and score accurately. Throughout both of these lessons, we will work on our teamwork skills and see how teams work together to be successful in games. 



During Summer 1 children will be discussing the question ‘Why do we work?’ This involves children learning about their economic wellbeing and beginning to understand how diverse the jobs market is, as well as demonstrating how to look after and save money.



This half term we will work on using the iPad to create iMovies. We will learn more about the different styles of shot and work together to creative interesting movies relating to our Roman topic.  From this, we hope to create a short video explaining many different aspects of being a Roman soldier. .



In Music this half-term, the children will be learning how to sing with sustained sounds that connect smoothly and easily. They will be identifying, counting and labelling phrases in songs and will be composing rhythm pieces. They will begin with improvising, then writing the piece with notation.



This half-term in French, the children will revise some previous vocabulary and grammar points. They will revise some vocabulary related to food which they learnt in Year 3 and will enjoy some French stories linked to this. They will learn some new vocabulary related to a French breakfast and will take part in some role-play activities.