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Y6 Autumn 2 2018

Here is an overview of what your child will be learning this half term in the different subject areas.  The Learning Challenge focus usually encompasses several curriculum areas.   If you have any questions about the learning this half term, please contact us as we are more than happy to discuss any queries with you.


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S Chapman and L Brayshay


Learning Challenge: ‘What is the Earth’s deadliest hazard?’

This half term our learning challenge is based around geography with the overarching question ‘What is the Earth’s deadliest hazard?’ We will start this topic by introducing children to the types of natural disasters that happen on Earth and ask them to discuss in groups which they think is the most and least destructive. This will be revisited at the end of the topic, where we will discuss whether they still have the same opinion following six weeks of learning. During this topic children will be using atlases alongside digital mapping to locate important features on a world map such as the Equator and the Tropics. Children will also be using a key to show the locations of different types of natural disasters on a world map. We will then move on to finding out if there is any relationship between the locations of earthquakes and volcanoes and answer the question ‘Where am I safest?’ Following this we will move more scientifically looking at why the natural disasters happen; at this time the children will use apparatus to show the causes and effects of Earthquakes. Other parts of the topic will include a focus into natural disasters in North America and experiencing an Earthquake drill.



Our writing this half-term will have a specific focus around the topic of natural disasters. The children will be writing adventure stories and producing some non-fiction pieces relating to the different volcanoes around the world. The children then finish the half term by doing some spectacularly, spooky descriptive writing that links in with the classic tale of ‘A Christmas Carol’ and looks in depth at the tormented character of Jacob Marley’s ghost. We will be looking at adventure stories in reading lessons and doing reading around the topic by looking at non-fiction texts on natural disasters to begin with. We will be continuing to focus on inference (reading between the lines) which is something that can also be worked on through home reading too. Reading work in class will then move to ‘A Christmas Carol’ where we will be having ‘atmospheric readings’ by candlelight in the school cellar and working around the text. Grammar and spelling will take place on a weekly basis, as will regular handwriting practice.



In maths this half term we will be continuing to cover elements of number including place value, addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. These will be covered in arithmetic lessons. During main lessons we will be focusing on fractions, decimals and percentages. This includes working with equivalent fractions; adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing fractions; associating fractions with decimal fraction equivalents and comparing and ordering fractions. Alongside this, we will continue to work on reasoning and number sense through the use of problems and real life examples.



The topic of electricity will be taught this half term and will involve the children constructing and drawing circuits, recognising and drawing correct electronic symbols and investigating how components function including the brightness of bulbs, loudness of buzzers and the on/off position of switches.



Our RE topic for this half-term relates to belief with more of a focus on Islam. We will again study comparative belief systems, how beliefs change and the sharing of beliefs with multiple faiths included in our learning.



Our PE this half term will focus on Gymnastics and Handball. Within handball lessons, children will focus on teamwork, learning and implementing tactics, co-ordination and agility. In Gymnastics, we will be focussing on agility, balance and co-ordination whilst working collaboratively to devise a routine using the skills they have developed over the weeks.



In PSHE this half term the children will be learning about sex and relationships education. This will include learning about puberty and the changes which occur in both girls and boys during this time; the menstrual cycle; what healthy relationships are; how babies are made and how babies are born.



In Music this half-term, the children will be continuing with their work on notation and will also be learning about pitch in relation to notation. They will work with selected notes to improvise, memorise and read music. They will also be learning about bar lines and time signatures.



This half-term in French, the children will be learning how to express likes and dislikes based on the vocabulary they learnt last half-term. They will learn the names of some occupations and will be writing sentences using this vocabulary, including some new grammatical concepts. They will learn about Christmas in France and will complete a range of activities based on this work.



This half term, computing will be focusing on creating music through technology. Children will learn about layering music and how songs are composed. They will then use the app ‘garageband’ to create a song based on a word. For example, children might be tasked with creating a piece of music which conveys the theme of fear or love. They will then spend time evaluating each other’s music.