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Y6 trip to Armley Mills September 2013

Year 6 began their Learning Challenge topic, Why did the whole world go to war?' with a trip to Armley Mills to experience what life was like for school children during WW2. All the children experienced being in a 1940s classroom where they had to write using pen and ink, practice their drill in case of an air raid siren and prepare for evacuation to the countryside. The children had to write a list of belongings they would need to pack for their trip and fill in their evacuee identity cards. Some children also got the chance to help out the Air Riad Warden in demonstrating how they might use a water pump to put out fires caused during air raids.

Finally the children had the opportunity to watch films about schools in the countryside and life during the war in a replica 1940s cinema.

Everyone had a great day at Armley Mills, the children were a credit to the school and lots was learnt about how to empathise with those people who lived through World war II

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