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Welcome to Year 3!

The Year 3 staff team is made up of the class teachers: Mrs Bennett and Miss Charles and the teaching assistants: Miss Woods, Mrs Hardcastle, Mrs Goddard and Mrs Horne.


Year 3 is an exciting year with lots of great learning challenges and opportunities.  You can find out more about what Year 3 are learning further down this page as well as lots of photos and information showing the children in action! At the bottom of this page you will find links to websites that may be useful to support your child's learning. If you have any questions about Year 3 please contact the Year 3 class teachers who will be happy to offer support and help.

Year 3 Curriculum

To find out more about the Year 3 curriculum, please click on the link below which will take you to the Curriculum Newsletters.  These provide a detailed description of the learning that takes place in each subject every half term.  If you have any questions about the Year 3 curriculum, please do not hesitate to contact the class teachers, who will be happy to discuss any queries with you.

Current Spelling Rule - Year 3

This page will be updated with the spelling rule which Year 3 are working with on a weekly basis. You will also find previous spelling rules which the children have been working on below.

Our spellings this week are from the Year 3 list:






Read each word and spot any tricky bits. Practice the words by playing games like hangman. 


Find out what Year 3 have been

getting up to...

Here you can find out more about different events, trips and general learning Year 3 have been doing.  We hope you enjoy reading about Year 3's learning and looking at the photographs!

Year 3 Ice Lolly sale

At playtime today, Year 3 ran their enterprise lolly sale. Over the past week they have been busy making and promoting their Lolly designs ready for the big sale. They children worked in their business groups to set up shop in the playground, ready for the Springbankers to come and buy a lolly. As it was a warm day, the lollies were a welcome refreshing treat and they sold fast! The children worked as a team to sell lollies to customers and give change. At the end of the sale the Year 3 children even got to enjoy a tasty lolly. We then we inside to count our well earned cash... 3B made a grand total of £49.92 and 3C made £50.90. The children are now in talks about what they will spend their profit on.

Science - seed dispersal experiment

Science - Seed dispersal

In science we have been investigating how the shape and weight of a seed effect the speed at which it drops to the ground. We had lots of fun trying out different combinations and timing the tie it took to reach the ground.

Year 3 Enterprise


We have been working hard in our business groups to design a healthy ice lolly. We have taken out a loan to buy our ingredients and now it is time for us to make them. Don't they look delicious?

They will be on sale sometime soon!

Taste testing

As part of our enterprise topic 'Can we make a healthy lolly?' we had to carry out some very important taste tests to identify the ingredients we wanted to use in our lollies. We tried a variety of yummy fruits and some tangy juices that would go well together and then designed a lolly each. 

Taste Testing

Year 3 Heptathlon

At the beginning of the half term, Year 3 had a fantastic opportunity to take part in a heptathlon in which they competed against other schools. The children took part in a range of athletic activities such as sprinting, throwing at a target, jumping and obstacle courses. They all had a great time and worked well as a team!

Health Week:

This week we have been learning how to keep our selves healthy.

We have joined in aerobics every morning to keep our bodies fit and healthy. We have looked at healthy eating and what would and would not be allowed in a healthy school dinner. We used the germ cream and UV light to learn about how germs spread and how to keep our hands clean. We also thought about how to keep our selves emotionally healthy by talking about emotions and feelings.

Take a look at some of the photos below of what we have been up to.

Healthy Pizzas!

This half term, for our cooking and nutrition project, we designed healthier recipes for making pizza. We looked at pizza that you could buy in the supermarket and decided the options were not often nutritionally balanced. Using our knowledge of the food pyramid, we decided to design pizzas that had a balance of carbohydrates, vegetables, diary and protein. This week we made our pizzas using a wholemeal pizza dough and fresh ingredients which we prepared by ourselves. We then taste tested our delicious pizzas in class and evaluated each others designs. Now we know how to prepare at pizza at home!


For the pizza dough we used:

100g of wholemeal bread flour,

100g of strong white bread flour,

I packet of ready to use yeast,

125ml of warm water.

What is perimeter?

This week in maths we have been finding the perimeter of a 2D shape. We have found methods to help solve the perimeter of a regular 2D shape and rectangles. We also challenged ourselves by finding the perimeter of more complex shapes. To help use understand what perimeter was, we used string to measure the distance around a box, in one continual line.

Finding the perimeter

Do taller people have larger arm spans?

In science this week we have been investigating if taller people had larger arm spans than shorter people. We carried out our investigation by measuring a range of heights and arm spans. Then we sorted our results in height order and looked at the length of arm spans. Most people found that their arm span was a similar length to their height!

Measuring height and arm span

iPad time with Mr Bradshaw

This half Term we will be working with Mr Bradshaw to develope our iPad skills and try to come up with an exciting way to link these skills with our current topics. This week we tried out a few apps and started forming ideas of how we could use them to make something amazing!

Watch this space for more updates on how our ideas unfold!

Persuasive Pizza Adverts

This week in literacy, we have been learning how to write persuasively. In our topic lessons we have been researching pizza already available in shops and this linked into our writing. We have been learning how to write rhetorical questions, use alliteration, select emotive adjectives and boss the reader with imperative verbs. Take a look at our poster advertisements and see if we can persuade you to try our pizzas.

Pizza Adverts

Animals including humans

This half term in science we will be learning about nutrition and what animals and humans eat to keep healthy. We have already looked at the food pyramid and discussed the main food groups. This week we have been categorising animals by what they eat. We have learnt about carnivores, omnivores and herbivores and identified animals which go into these groups. Over the next weeks we will investigate the skeletons and muscles of humans and  animals.

Measuring length

Church Visit: 24.03.15

On Tuesday Year Three went to one of our local Churches to find out more about the important features of A Christian place of worship. Reverend Tudge showed Year Three some of the features of the church like the pulpit and the altar. They also heard Mrs Bennett play a little tune on the church organ. The children had chance to explore the church and even to ring the bell. They had a great time a learnt a lot.


Year 3 children were surprised to find a pond full of frogs yesterday playtime when they went to play in the garden! The sunny, spring weather over the weekend had brought all of the frogs in Farsley out and they were all having a party in our garden pond. The children will be keeping their eyes peeled for frogspawn and tadpoles over the next month.

Frogs, frogs and more frogs

Springbankers experience the eclipse

This morning we all had the chance of experiencing the eclipse. At 9.20am we were out on the back playground waiting for the eclipse to happen. Children sat facing the annex building so they would not be looking directly at the sun. We were all excited about the experience and saw the sky getting a little bit darker. Some children expected it to go pitch black but because it was a partial eclipse, it only got slightly darker. It was a great experience fr both children and staff.

Year 3 Winners

What would you rather eat... Half a pizza or a quarter?

This half term Year 3 have been very busy in maths, learning about fractions and how we use them in every day life. So far they have learnt how to identify a fraction; including the numerator and the denominator. They have been using apparatus to help identify the size of a fraction and how to find equivalents. This week the children have been learning how to add and subtract fractions. They know not to change the denominator, as this shows the unit they are counting in when adding and subtracting.

Year 3 Bake Off Winners

In Year 3 there was a lot of effort put in to all cakes that were brought into school to sell for Comic Relief. We had great fun looking at everyone's bakes and each class voted for two winners. The winners in 3B were Joshua Carr and Louis Cass. In 3C the winners were Jack Lightfoot and Samuel Musonda. Thank you to all the children who brought in cakes or money to raise money for a very good cause.

World Book Day! 05.03.15


To celebrate World Book Day the children were invited to dress up as a character from their favourite book and they did not disappoint! The children looked fantastic with a range of costumes including: The Mad Hatter, Harry Potter, princesses, lots of goodies and plenty of evil baddies too!

We also had some lovely book donations as part of the 'Springbank Book Shelf Spring Clean.' These books have now been sorted and added to our class libraries ready for the children to read and enjoy.

We spent some time in class talking about books that children have read together and discussed why we liked these books and how we would recommend them to a friend.


A very special guest... 03.03.15

Today Year 3 were visited by Urgh, a farmer from the Neolithic period. The children talked with him and asked him lots of questions about what life was like in Neolithic times. They used this information to write fact files comparing the Neolithic and Mesolithic periods of history.

Urgh the Neolithic Famer

Hunting and Gathering: 25.02.15

We have been learning about the Mesolithic period in History. The Mesolithic people were hunter gatherers who had to move from place to place as the seasons changed to find food. To help us get an idea of how it felt to be a hunter gatherer we played a game where we had to work in groups to collect food (sequins) and avoid the dangers of Mesolithic life.

Year 3’s Ancient Egyptian Museum 09.02.2015

Today, Year 3 had the chance to show off everything they have learnt in their Ancient Egyptian topic. The children designed their own museum to show case their learning and talk to their parents about what they have been doing over the past half term. The children worked in teams to create an Ancient Egyptian fact file and become experts on their museum area. Parents who came to visit were even treated to a song the children had practiced and even joined in with the actions! The children have worked very hard this half term and put lots of effort into their learning. Well done Year 3!

Design and Technology fact boxes

This half term we have been learning how to make a shell structures in Design and Technology. The children investigated shell structures that we see in every day life and thought about how they had been made. They then used Polydron to make nets for 3D shapes, before developing their own out of paper. First the children planned their nets and then used card to make their final design. The final products will be on show in the Year 3 Ancient Egyptian museum on Wednesday 11th of February.

Designers at work

Nation Story Telling Week 6.5.15

This week we had the pleasure of listening to some stories by Saviour Pirotta. He came to school to help us celebrate National Story Telling Week. Both Year 3 classes were fascinated as they listened to the adventures of his naughty Grandma and the tricks she gets up to in his home country of Malta. The children loved his tales and had lots of giggles as they eagerly listened to his stories. 

Story Telling in Year 3

Egyptian Non-chronological Reports  30.1.15

This week in literacy Year 3 have been learning how to write a non-chronological report. We have been researching ancient Egyptian gods and goddesses and why people in the past believed and prayed to them. In our writing we included; subtitles, paragraphs, description about the gods and used the past tense. We learnt lots of interesting facts about Osiris, Isis, Ra and Anubis who were very important to the Ancient Egyptians.



Egyptian gods non-chronological report

Leeds City Museum visit   27.01.15


We visited Leeds City museum and had great fun learning more about Ancient Egypt. We looked at ancient artefacts in the exhibit and completed a treasure hunt looking for objects that would have been placed in a tomb ready for the afterlife. We had the opportunity to see the Ancient Egyptian mummy and find out more about the mummification process. In the education rooms we made Egyptian amulets and also had fun inventing new Egyptian Gods.


During the rest of the visit we Spent time in the art gallery looking at  art that was inspired by the Greek Myth 'the labours of Heracles'. We had time to look at the art and discuss what we liked about the pieces. Then we used our observation skills to draw pencil sketches of some of the pieces that inspired us.

Take a look at some photographs from our day.

Ancient Egypt - Mummification

In Year 3 we have been learning about the process of mummification as part of our topic

' When is Mummy not a Mummy?'

In 3B we were very lucky to have some parents come an join us.

Take a look at what we got up to!

Designing Christmas Cards

This week Year 3 have been busy designing Christmas cards. We have been looking at the style of Quentin Blake and drew some fantastic illustrations. First of all we drew the illustration with an ink pen and then we brought it to life with watercolour paints!

Christmas illustrations

Drawing in the style of Quentin Blake

Over the next couple of weeks, Year 3 are learning to draw in the style of Quentin Blake. We will be using ink and dipping pens to create illustrations from Roald Dahl books. Each lesson we will build up our sketching skills and have fun creating sketches using Quentin Blake illustrations for inspiration. We will then use water colours to add life to our drawings! Our drawing project will end with a final Christmas card design.

Year 3 illustrators!


This half term, in P.E we are very lucky to have gymnastic coaches working with us. We have been learning how to hold our bodies like a gymnast and have been learning a variety of gymnastic movements. This week we focused on jumping. We discussed how to land safely and how to finish the jump as a gymnast would. We then applied our new skills by jumping on to platforms and jumping off of them. Some were quite high and everybody had a go!

Roald Dahl

We have had a busy start to our new half term! Our week started with an exciting Roald Dahl immersion morning where we had the chance to look at the many books that he has written, listened to Revolting Rhymes, watched The Enormous Crocodile and browsed the official Roald Dahl website.


We then had an exciting afternoon sharing our new found facts on Roald Dahl. We wrote lots of facts on to post it notes in preparation for when we write our biographies all about Roald Dahl's life.

Roald Dahl Facts

Still image for this video
Here are a few of the interesting facts Year 3 have found during this topic.

Ready, steady... Cook ratatouille!

This week as part of our learning challenge 'Would you rather live in France or England?' we cooked a traditional French dish 'ratatouille'. We found out the dish originated from Nice which is in the south of France.


To make ratatouille you need:

1 aubergine

1 large courgette

1 pepper

1 onion

1 clove of garlic

2 tablespoons of olive oil

Salt and pepper

A small bunch of basil

Tomato passata


We had lots of fun in the kitchen cooking the dish. It smelled delicious and we can't wait to gobble it up!


3B Eating our ratatouille

Standard written method of addition

This week in numeracy we have been learning the standard written method of addition otherwise known as the 'column method'. We have been using previous learning of place value to be able to add up in columns. Once we had mastered the rules of adding the units first, then the tens and finally the hundreds we moved on to carrying a ten and a hundred. We all feel pretty confident with this method now, so are moving on to the standard written method of subtraction next week!

column method revealed!

Still image for this video
The children discussed the rules of the column method with their learning partner and filmed their explanantions!

Shape Poems

In literacy we have been learning about shape poems. We decided to write some shape poems about food for the Harvest Festival. We collected words and phrases to describe them then presented them in the shape of the food we had chosen. The parents at the Harvest Festival assembly really liked them!

Danger Family

Today 'Danger Family' from Leeds City Council came to talk to Year 3 about being safe in the car. We learnt about how important it is to wear a seat belt in the car and also use a booster seat if we were under 135cm tall. To show what would happen if a car crashed and people weren't wearing seat belts, we conducted an experiment with a model car and dummies. The car was released down a ramp and crashed into a barrier which caused the dummies to fly out of their seats which could cause fatal injuries! We all agreed it was important to wear seat belts because they keep us safe in vehicles.

Danger Family

Today Year 3 dressed up in crazy clothes in aid of the Macmillan Cancer Support Big Coffee Morning. The Year 6 children brought us buns and cakes from the cafe so that we could buy them to help raise money. We had lots of fun eating the cakes too!

Crazy Clothes!

Chasing shadows

In science this week we have been learning about shadows. We went outside when the sun was shining to experiment with our shadows. We found out that shadows happen when our bodies block the sunlight, we also know that this happens with other objects when they block the light to. To try and get away from our shadow we jumped in the air but our shadows were still there!

Year 3 P.E

This half term we are learning how to control our bodies using hand and eye coordination. We have been throwing and catching tennis balls in a variety of ways and challenging ourselves by moving at the same time. We have also practised balancing the ball on a tennis racket and even had a go at bouncing the ball. We found it very hard to stay still!

Hand and eye coordination

Year 3 find out about the world!

This week, in geography we have been learning about the continents of the world and we are very good at remembering all of them now! We have learnt how to use an atlas to locate countries and capital cities. We now are really confident at using an atlas and have found out new information about the world and where countries are.

Atlas work


As part as our science topic 'Should I be afraid of my shadow?' we have been learning about how light enters our eyes and how we see. This week we have experimented with reflection, using mirrors to bounce light in different directions. We took part in the maze challenge, where we had to direct a beam of light from one end of a box to the other and use mirrors to change the direction of the light. We made our challenge harder by adding more obstacles in the box. This helped our understanding of how light reflects off surfaces.

3C Relfection Challenge

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Below you will find lots of links to websites that can help you with your learning.  Find our more about the topics you are learning about.  Why not spend some time practising your maths skills using Mathletics or practise your typing skills on Dance Map typing?