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Year 3 Arts Week

Around the World Activites

Year 3 loved having the opportunity to visit different countries around the world and explore art from that location. They went to Japan to create a comic and black out poem, Mexico to make there own death masks, and France to dance! Here are some examples of their work.

Mola Patterns

During our arts week, Year 3 completed an art project which took inspiration from the Mola pattern that originates in Panama. Children first looked where the pattern came from and how it is used. They then practised sketching different tropical animals and colouring them using a range of patterns and felt tips. Finally, the children used a collage technique to create their own amazing Mola pattern. Here are just a few examples of their finished project. 


It was very exciting on Friday when the 'Blah, Blah, Blah' company visited Year 3. They told us lots of tales......... 

Dunyazad's sister had married the King and he had promised to kill her unless she told him a story every night! For 1000 nights her sister told her tales and was saved from death. Unfortunately, she had told the last of her tales! Luckily we are fantastic story writers and tellers in Year 3 so we gave her some of our tales to tell. Incredibly, we saved her!!!