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Year 4

Welcome to Year 4!

The Year 4 staff team is made up of class teachers: Miss Hughes, Mr O'Dwyer and Mr Bradshaw and teaching assistants: Mrs Goddard, Mrs Horne, Mrs Wilman and Miss Woodhead. 


Year 4 is an exciting year with lots of great learning challenges and opportunities.  You can find out more about what Year 4 are learning further down this page as well as lots of photos and information showing the children in action! At the bottom of this page you will find links to websites that may be useful to support your child's learning. If you have any questions about Year 4 please contact the Year 4 class teachers who will be happy to offer support and help.

Year 4 Curriculum

To find out more about the Year 4 curriculum, please click on the link below which will take you to the Curriculum Newsletters.  These provide a detailed description of the learning that takes place in each subject every half term.  If you have any questions about the Year 4 curriculum, please do not hesitate to contact the class teachers, who will be happy to discuss any queries with you.

Find out what Year 4 have been getting up to...

Here you can find out more about different events, trips and general learning Year 3 have been doing.  We hope you enjoy reading about Year 4's learning and looking at the photographs!

4DB Visit Rodley Nature Reserve!

On Tuesday, 4DB children were blessed with a surprisingly rain free day, despite the stormy looking grey sky! (Hooray!) The children enjoyed a day of learning outdoors, with a walk to and from the site including a scenic and historic view of the Leeds-Liverpool canal. Once at the nature reserve the children explored the grounds, meeting the wonderful volunteers that help maintain the park. The children learnt about the effects of December's devastating floods, the way that the park acts as a home to lots of different wildlife, from deer and mink to sand martins and robins and enjoyed various activities led by the nature reserve volunteers. The children were also complemented by the staff for their behaviour, enthusiasm and lovely questions! 

4H go to Rodley

On Tuesday 4H had a super day out at Rodley Nature Reserve to launch their new topic. We walked both their and back in and the children sang all of the way to keep their spirits up.

The children used sticky boards to collect examples of plant life and flowers. They sneaked into the hides and used binoculars to look at the birds, met some field mice and had a talk about bees. The highlight of the day was the pond dipping where there were ramshorn snails, sticklebacks and hundreds of tadpoles. We were very lucky with the weather and the children even had a sunny picnic lunch.

All of the staff were very proud of the children's behaviour which was complimented by numerous members of staff from the reserve.

Year 4 Save The World Assembly - 26/5/16

Today Year 4 really did themselves proud sharing their learning from this half term's topic. They learnt lots of lines full of difficult topic words for the day. There were superheroes, a professor and a full protest with banners and whistles and even a rap. Some children shared some great examples of learning that they have done this half term including stories and responses to artwork. They then ended the assembly with a song. Have a look at them in action below.

Health week 22/5/16


As part of health week Year 4 have been taking part in Pilates with Mrs Grayston. Here are some photographs of the children learning about posture and how to hold stretches in different positions. The children were also learning about the importance of their spinal cord.

Year 4 Games Festival  17/5/16

The children played host to group of four schools for a games festival. They were led by a group of local sports leaders in learning a new game - Danish Longball. They really enjoyed the chance to get active and learn something new. 

Stig of the Dump - Book Launch (20/4/16)

Year 4 have been excited by the launch of their new feature book, 'Stig of the Dump' by Clive King. With the book linking to our 'Can We Save The World?' topic, the children have been really thrilled to write predictions about what adventures Stig and Barney will have together. The children were taken on a book hunt this week where surprisingly the newest batch of class books were found in the school recycling bin! Could Barney or Stig have been responsible?

Stig of the Dump has been dumped!

Summer term PE and swimming - 18/4/16


This half term the children will be continuing their Gaelic football sessions on the field. They will need appropriate footwear and clothing for this. 4DB's sessions will be on a Tuesday and 4H's sessions will be on a Friday. 


During the Parent's open morning on Friday 22nd April children from 4H will be taking part in the outdoor Gaelic football sessions in groups. Parents are welcome to join the children during this activity .


Swimming lessons will recommence in week 2 of the half term.

Can we save the world? - 18/4/16


As the first lesson of their topic, the children looked at a clip as a basis for philosophical debate around the question 'Can people stop global warming? The children used listening lego to link their ideas and had some really strong ideas and opinions. 


Use the link below to check out the clip:

Firework-Maker's Daughter Book Review -

29th March 2016


Today year 4 finished "The Firework-Maker's Daughter" by Philip Pullman and wrote individual book reviews.  At the end of the lesson we were set a challenge.  "If you could ask the author one question, what would it be?" So we did.  We came up with a group of questions and tweeted Philip Pullman who spent time to respond to every question we asked.  Below are pictures of his responses.

An Egg-straordinary Morning - 23rd March 2016


This morning, Year 4 pupils brought in their decorated eggs and as Year 4 teachers, we can't begin to eggsplain how impressed we were with everybody's efforts.  An eggcellent variety of characters with funny eggspressions and eggsquiste costumes were laid out of the tables and it was eggsactly what we were hoping for.  (Apologies for the puns).

Year 4 pupils voted and four winners across the year group were decided.

April N and Lilly H from 4DB and Dylan S and Max P from 4H.  

Well done to everyone that entered. Below are some pictures of Year 4 entries.

That's all yolks!

Sport Relief - 18th March 2016


Wow! What a fantastic day Year 4 have had.  Not only have we had brilliant writing and maths lessons but we also had an opportunity to dance as an entire year group in the hall waving glow sticks. At the end of the day, every single pupil joined in the big school dance.   Even Look North came to see what Farsley Springbank pupils were getting upto so make sure you watch this evening's news. Watch the video below to see how much fun we all had.

Sport Relief Low

Still image for this video

Practical Perimeter - 14th March 2016


This morning the children were working in the hall to measure the perimeter of a number of shapes.  They used rulers, metre sticks and tape measures and worked in small groups to get accurate measurements. 



To Brush or not to Brush? - 7th March 2016


In our science lessons, Year 4 have been looking at the digestive system.  They have learnt that an important part of the digestive system are their teeth.  They could identify different teeth and were able to name their functions. An experiment was also conducted to investigate the effects of tooth decay. Year 4 placed eggs (to represent teeth) in vinegar, orange juice, coca-cola and water for 3 days to investigate what could happen if they did not brush their teeth.  Below are a few pictures of the results.

Digestive System - 1st March 2016


This afternoon the children were learning about the human digestive system.  They learnt about organs within the system and what their functions are.  Below are some images of pupils drawing where each organ should be on the body.

Firework-Maker's Daughter - 22nd February 2016


Today the children found out the new book they would be reading in Year 4 Literacy.  We set off fireworks, used glitter and the children are all very excited to start reading
The Firework-Maker's Daughter by Philip Pullman.


Practical coding - 26th January 2016


Today the children were learning about the different ways they can code without using technology. The children created their own algorithms to control their multi-link cubes around a variety of puzzles. They worked really well in partners and learnt a lot about coding!

Cooking a Curry at home 21.1.16

Following a successful food tasting, lots of the children have asked for the recipe for the curry that we cooked in school. Click on the link below to see the recipe in full.

India Day 19.1.16

Today for India day the children all came dressed in Indian clothes to celebrate the day. The children took turns at 3 different activities; art including block printing; Indian dance with our visitor Dola and cooking a delicious spinach and lentil dahl. The printing created some beautiful paper and gave the children the chance to create some traditional designs as well as learn a new skill. In the cooking activities all of the children tried the dahl and many of them really enjoyed it; the children also worked really well as a team for this. The real highlight of the day though was the traditional dancing which the children performed in assembly. Look at the fun below.

Evaporation 13.1.16

In class today, we have been investigating evaporation. The children learnt about the causes of evaporation and then had an evaporation race: wind vs heat! Heat had the greatest effect on evaporation. Next stop... condensation!

Yoga! 9.1.16

To link to our India topic, the children tried their hand at yoga. We had calming music, got out the mats and tried some stretches. It was very enjoyable.

Christmas Light Project 18/12/15

To accompany our electricity topic and really help us to get into the Christmas spirit, Year 4 have been making Christmas lights. The children researched their lights at home and then made them in a flurry of paint, glue and sequins. They wired their own circuits to create a working product that they could be really proud of.

Nativity at Marsden Court 16/12/15

This week Year 4 decided to take their Christmas joy down to Marsden Court and share their nativity performance with the residents there. The children donned their costumes and sang their socks off. We were really proud of them for their efforts. The residents  kindly shared juice and biscuits with the children before we sang our way back to school.

Christmas Party Day 15/12/15

We have been really getting into the Christmas spirit in Year 4 and today we celebrated with party day. The children all played party games in the hall and then in the afternoon we made hats and came together as a school. Special thanks to all of the parents for sending food and those who came in to help out.

Fractions in action 10/12/15

This week in numeracy we were really focusing on applying our fractions knowledge to reasoning and problem solving involving adding and subtraction. Each table was given a box of apparatus and a problem to get stuck into. It was a team race against the clock before all of the boxes moved on. The children were really engaged and worked well as teams.

Nativity time is here at last 9/12/15

This week the children's hard work really paid off as they performed their Christmas play with Year 3. The singing really was super and many of the children even sang solos, duets or in small groups. It was also lovely to see lots of the children really enjoying the performance. Thank you for all your help and support pulling this together.

Rehearsals 4/12/15

We are in our final week of rehearsals before the big nativity show. The children have been learning their lines and the costumes have come flying in (thank you for your support with this). The children are really looking forward to sharing all their efforts with you.

Explanation Writing 4/12/15

This week Year 4 are gearing up for the run up to Christmas. They are going to use their electricity knowledge to create Christmas lights to brighten up their homes. In writing, we are going to write explanation texts to go with these. We got out the post it notes and shared all of ideas for this.

Fractions 20/11/15

This week the children have been learning all about fractions. To help them get to grips with the concepts, we have used all sorts of practical apparatus. The childrenb have been learning all about what a fractions is, simplifying, equivalent fractions and fractions of amounts. They have been developing a deeper understanding of the concepts and have been doing some reasoning too.



Narnia at Springbank

Today the children started their new book and really seemed to enjoy it. There were clues all over school left by the characters of the book and the children followed them until they found a parcel under a white tree... The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe! the children were really excited to read the first part of their new book and completed some great guided reading activities too. We can't wait to really get our teeth into it this half term.

Our Exhibition 21/10/15

Today was the day that the children have been working really hard towards, their exhibition. They made some beautiful pieces of tapestry, huge artwork depicting the Leeds skyline and games to teach their parents about their topic. They had their topic books on display and shared photos of their trip. It was great to see so many parents getting involved in the children's learning and they all loved the chance to share.

Masking tape maths

This week Year 4 have been learning about the value of numbers. They have been representing different numbers o number lines and using this to develop their sense of scale and size. Towards the end of the week they used their number lines to develop their knowledge of different representation with the same value e.g. 300p and £3. Have a look at them in action.

Scooter training

On Monday, Year 4 went out onto the playground and the roads around school to learn about keeping safe on a scooter. Not even a huge downpour could dampen the children's spirits, and they all had a great time and learnt lots.

Year 4 go to Sunnybank

Yesterday Year 4 went to Sunnybank Mill to learn more about the industrial revolution and its affects on the local area. They had a talk about the wool industry and handled some rather smelly raw wool. The children went on a treasure hunt around the archives, tried their hand at weaving and handled lots of historical artifacts. They learned lots and had a great day out.

Pedestrian Training

Today Year 4 had their first session of pedestrian training. They learnt the rule, stop, think, look and listen.  Then they went out to put what they had learned into practice in small groups. This afternoon, they thought more deeply about what they had learned using a clip about a boy who was not safe on the road. The children are looking forward to their follow up session next week.

Our new book

This week a mysterious parcel labelled do not touch appeared on our carpet area. By the afternoon the children were ready to rip the paper off and when they did, they discovered copies of the 'Peppermint Pig'. The children wrote some great predictions and have really begun to enjoy the novel.

Art in Year 4

This half term in art the children have been learning about pencil drawings. They used shapes to draw local buildings and a range of pencils to add shade to their images. Have  a look at the gallery.

Useful websites to support your learning

Below you will find lots of links to websites that can help you with your learning.  Find out more about the topics you are learning about.  Why not spend some time practising your maths skills using Mathletics or practise your typing skills on Dance Map typing?