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Year 4 at Ikea

Yesterday Year 4 spent a really exciting day at Ikea. The children had a tour of the shop and found out how the products were made as sustainably as possible. The tables contained recycled card instead of paper and many of the wood products were made of the tree branches rather than trunks. This part of the tree would often be rejected by other companies because of its knotted appearance - not even the bark went to waste - the outer layer of the quilts were made of these.  We were at first a little concerned that such a large company might use lots of energy, however we were pleased to find out that Ikea also has built a wind farm to create renewable energy to replace what it takes from the nationl grid. The children also went exploring in the warehouse to find out where the different products were imported from so that we could consider the environmental impact of multinational companies and had the chance to plant their own seeds to help the Earth. The children were also really excited to choose their own lunch in the Ikea cafe and here the staff praised their excellent manners - another lovely day out. Well done Year 4!