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Welcome to Year 4!

The  Year 4 staff team is made up of the class teachers: Miss Hughes, Miss Cowles and Mrs Ashley-Cooper and the teaching assistants: Mrs Hardcastle and Mrs Goddard. 


Year 4 is an exciting year with lots of great learning challenges and opportunities.  You can find out more about what Year 4 are learning further down this page in Year 4 curriculum as well as lots of photos and information showing the children in action! 

Year 4 Curriculum

To find out more about the Year 4 curriculum, please go to the Parents section of the website- Curriculum.  There is a section, Half termly Curriculum Overviews, which provides a detailed description of the learning that takes place in each subject every half term.  If you have any questions about the Year 4 curriculum, please do not hesitate to contact the class teachers, who will be happy to discuss any queries with you.

Find out what Year 4 have been getting up to...

Here you can find out more about different events, trips and general learning Year 4 have been doing.  Enjoy looking at the photographs!

Pop up library

This week the children have been preparing a pop up book to share all of their learning about habitats.  They worked very hard and produced some really creative fact filled books. It was lovely to see so many adults coming to share what the children had done. We are now looking forward to sharing your feedback with the children later this week.

Food Chains

This week, Year Four have been learning all about food chains. They learnt some key vocabulary and went outside to try a game where they made their own food chains. See them in action below.

Design and Technology Project


This week, Year 4 have been working really hard on a DT project to create a pop up book based on their topic 'Can a camel live at the north pole?'. This is their opportunity to show us everything they have learnt this term in a fun and creative way. They started by exploring a range of pop up books and discussed how the mechanisms worked. Then, they practiced by making their own prototypes of sliders, spinners, levers and more. They planned the main headings for the pages of their book and made notes about what information they would include. Then they got to work making their creations. We are hoping to invite parents into 4H and 4AC next Wednesday 16th July at 3:15pm for a mini showcase of the final books.

le Tour de Farsley 9.7.14


Year 4 have had a fantastic day cycling on the field today. They have learnt some basic hand signals to use when cycling out and about. They have had had a go riding their bikes up and down a ramp, and they have even practiced ducking under an obstruction whilst riding!


Habitat iPad Presentations 2/7/14


Today the children were given the opportunity to demonstrate their learning in topic, using the iPads. They used an app called Puppet Pals to create a habitat backdrop and record a short spoken presentation.

Listen to our presentations below...

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Tom Palmer Library Visit

This morning Year Four went to Farsley Library to meet Tom Palmer, an author of sporty children's books. At the moment he is doing a tour of Leeds libraries, to encourage children to read and  linked to the Tour De France, because he is riding his bike.  We made banners to share with him and he read us an exciting adventure story that he had written. We talked to Tom and learned about writing our own books. We also learnt some important life lessons like never give up and follow your dreams.

Tour De France artwork


This week in Year 4 we have been getting excited about the Tour de France and getting creative. We started the week by drawing close ups of different bike parts, we then went on to sketch a range of bike types, before creating our final piece. The children really enjoyed the opportunity to chose their medium and created some great final pieces.

Water Safety

As part of water safety week this week, we spent our swimming lesson learning about how to be safe near the water. We learnt about why it could be very dangerous for someone to fall in and what to do to help someone in the water. We even had a go at rescuing a partner! Then we learnt about how to keep ourselves alive if we were to fall in a river - floating and using our arms to keep our heads above the water.

Child led science investigations


This week in Year Four the children have been asking questions about habitats. They have come up with some great questions and planned how to test them. Some of the questions include -

  • Which is faster slugs or snails?
  • What do worms eat?
  • Where  do woodlice like to live?


They are now really looking forward to getting outside and testing their predictions.


Planning things out

Green Fingers in 4AC

4AC have started their exciting new topic 'Can a camel live in the North Pole?' which is all about habitats and what makes an animal adapted to the place where it lives. They have spent a morning making use of the outdoor learning environment, looking in the pond and under rocks to find lots of exciting things, including newts! They also looked in the compost bins and used the pooters - a real hit with all of the children. They have all presented some beautiful work in their topic books about the creatures they found and the environments in which they live. Check out the size of the worm they found!


4AC garden pictures June 2014

4H at Rodley

Today 4H spent an unexpectedly sunny day at Rodley nature reserve. The children walked down very sensibly and when we arrived a team of volunteers was there to meet us. We were introduced to the history of the reserve (which was once a sewage works!) as we walked to our first activity. The stickyboards were a great way for the children to collect some of the plant life and then they made their way to the dragon fly ponds where they looked at some of the insects that lived there. On the way Mrs Goddard even caught a froglet to show the children! After a sunny picnic and a few games of 'duck, duck, goose' and 'What's the time Mr Wolf?', the children split into smaller groups for their afternoon activities. We learnt all about the life of the bees and honey production from Peter, we used binoculars and a hive to do some bird watching and went pond dipping. The children had a great day out, learnt lots and were beautifully behaved -a real success.

Book Borrowers

Year Four started the week with a visit to the library. We managed to avoid the wet weather with an early start and were really pleased to change all of our books. Some children chose some new novels, others chose magic books and other non-fiction books and some chose graphic novels. The children were so engrossed in the new books that you could have heard a pin drop during the reading time afterwards.

Year 4 Library June 2014

Year 4 Save the World!

This afternoon, we invited the Year 4 parents in to watch our assembly 'Can we save the world?'. The children proudly showed off all the work they had done in their topic last term. In the finale, the children showed off their creative talents with their amazing 'recycling rap'. The children worked with Simon Bradshaw (a creative ICT consultant) on the iPads and the Mac to create this brilliant video.

4AC trip to Rodley Nature Reserve

On Tuesday, 4AC enjoyed a trip out to Rodley Nature Reserve and despite the miserable weather forecast, we were pleased to stay completely dry all day! Have a look at some of the lovely activities we did, including pond dipping, bird watching and learning about how bees make their honey.

4H Habitat Day

Today 4H started their exciting new topic 'Can a camel live in the North Pole?' which is all about habitats and what makes an animal adapted to the place where it lives.

We launched the topic with a visit to our garden. We looked in the pond and found lots of exciting things - even a newt! We also looked in the compost bins and used the pooters - a real hit with all of the children. Finally when we came inside we presneted all of the creatures that we had found in our topic books. We even looked at how the pond was made and found some pictures of family members making the pond. A great day!

Environmental assembly

After all of the practice this week, Year 4 shared a super climate change assembly with the rest of the school and their adults. They shared lots of the information that they learnt over the topic. There were some scientists, particles and even some superheroes! The children shared a song that they had been learning and managed to sing beautifully in 2 parts. They also shared an amazing ICT project that they had done using the iPads. These were fundraised for by the PTA and the children really enjoyed using them. We are hoping to get this project onto the website in the next few days. All the staff were really proud of the children learning their lines and putting in an amazing effort. Hopefully the audience will have taken the green message home and Year Four are now going to put together a green team, giving the topic a real lasting legacy. Well done Year Four.

I am the Earth with Lyrics

Still image for this video

Anyone for cricket?

As part of health week, the children across school have taken part in a cricket tournament to score points for their house teams. They enjoyed an afternoon in the sun and displayed some brilliant batting and fielding skills.



Year 4 Cricket Pictures May 2014

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