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Welcome to Year 5!

The Year 5 staff team is made up of the class teachers: Miss Ross and Miss Brayshay and the teaching assistants: Mrs Woods and Mrs Wilman. 


Year 5 is an exciting year with lots of great learning challenges and opportunities.  You can find out more about what Year 5 are learning further down this page as well as lots of photos and information showing the children in action! At the bottom of this page you will find links to websites that may be useful to support your child's learning. If you have any questions about Year 5 please contact the Year 5 class teachers who will be happy to offer support and help.

Year 5 Curriculum

To find out more about the Year 5 curriculum, please click on the link below which will take you to the Curriculum Newsletters.  These provide a detailed description of the learning that takes place in each subject every half term.  If you have any questions about the Year 5 curriculum, please do not hesitate to contact the class teachers, who will be happy to discuss any queries with you.

Current Spelling Rule - Year 5

This page will be updated with the spelling rule which Year 5 are working with on a weekly basis. You will also find previous spelling rules which the children have been working on below.

We will be spending this half term looking at homophones and homonyms in our spelling sessions. Homophones are words that sound the same but are spelled differently, while homonyms are spelled the exact same! We will be looking at knowing the meaning of different homophones and when to use which one.

Some examples of the homophones we will be learning:

  • Which and witch;
  • Who's and whose;
  • Affect and effect;
  • Farther and father; and
  • Isle and aisle.


Find out what Year 5 have been getting up to...

Here you can find out more about different events, trips and general learning Year 5 have been doing.  We hope you enjoy reading about Year 5's learning and looking at the photographs!

Tropical World - 23/06/2015

Today we visited Tropical World in Roundhay Park so that we could experience the conditions and wildlife of the Amazon, linking to our Learning Challenge on the Amazon and Brazil. The children thoroughly enjoyed their day and learnt lots about the plants and animals of the rainforest. Below is a selection of photographs from our day.

Shape Investigations 18/06/15

This week in Numeracy the children have been learning about polygons, and learning how to distinguish between regular and irregular polygnos. They have been using their knowledge of angles and length to sort shapes, create shapes out of other shapes and identify regular and irregular shapes. See the children working on this below.

Tri-Golf tournament 12/06/15

On Friday June 12th a group of 10 Year 5 students participated in a Tri-Golf Tournament at Priesthorpe School. The day was a complete success with the team winning the tournament easily with a score of over 500! We had a great day, and the children demonstrated maturity and sportsmanship, as well as great golf skills, throughout the entire competition and should be proud of their achievement. 
In addition, we have qualified to represent Leeds for the Mini-Olympics at Leeds Beckett University on the 7th July. We wish them the best of luck there!

Year 5 Giant Sleepover 15th May 2015

All the Year 5 children had a fantastic night at their Giant Sleepover on Friday 15th May.  The evening was action packed to say the least; it began with some outdoor games for those who were feeling adventurous while some children opted instead to socialise in their dorm rooms or play games. Everyone came back together to enjoy a meal at 10.00pm which was followed by a music and film/TV theme quiz in the hall in teams. At 11.30pm we trooped out into the pitch black to play games of 'capture flag' which involved the children working in two teams to try and sneak up on their opposition's base in order to steal flags without being tug (and at the same time having to protect their own base from being raided!). Some tired legs returned inside for a little disco fun and by 1.00am everyone was ready to find some comfy pyjamas and a sleeping back in order to lie down in the hall and watch DVDs through the night. Most children managed to get a couple of hours sleep in the early hours but 12 children made it all the way through the night with no sleep at all, as did Miss Brayshay, Mrs Walton, Mrs Hardcastle and Miss Percival.  Needless to say there were some tired children and staff in the morning but it was a great night so it was well worth it!

Amazon Explorers! 12/05/2015

This week we have been continuing our rainforest topic, which all children are really enthused by. Today we have imagined ourselves as real life Amazon explorers. We started the lesson by getting into groups of 5, and assigning each member of the group a role. The roles were decided by the groups based on the skills in the group. Each group had a Chief Medical Officer, ICT Manager, Group Leader, Clothing Manager and Survival Manager. Children then used a variety of sources to research the perils they may face in the Amazon, they used this information to produce a group presentation to the rest of the class, imagining that they were briefing a group of explorers on their expedition! Not only did we find out lots more about the Amazon, we also improved our team working and oral presentation skills!

Practical Coding 30/4/15

Today the children were learning about a new coding program 'Textese Turtle'. To get to grips with the style of command they would need to use, the children investigated how to follow a path using simple instructions, such as forwards, turn and backwards. We used protractors to measure the angles of the turns and had to use our numeracy skills to work out missing angles and angles larger than 180 degrees. We then went to the computers to put the skills into practice, writing our initials and short words with the turtle program. Photos of the children investigating the coding style instructions are below:

Climate Investigation 23/04/15

This week we started our new learning challenge 'Do we need rainforests?'. We learnt about where the Amazon rainforest is in the world and spent time exploring the different regions of the world. We looked at how the climate in between the Tropics of Cancer and Capricorn creates the perfect climate for temperate and tropical rainforests. To make sure we really understood where these regions of the Earth are, we went outside and created diagrams with chalk on the playground. Photos of the children creating their diagrams are below:

Cube Numbers Investigation   2/04/15

This week year 5 have been learning about square and cubed numbers in maths. We investigated why these numbers had the names that they did using multi-link cubes. We found the patterns and relationships between the square and cube numbers, and built some cube numbers to develop our understanding. Photos of the investigation are below:

Minecraft Workshop 27.03.15

On Friday, six children from Year 5 were selected to attend a Minecraft creative workshop at Farsley Farfield School. They spent the day learning about how to create an adventure land based on a tomb from the film Indiana Jones. They learnt how to create traps and puzzles using coding to make things happen. It was great to see the children following instructions as well as using teamwork and problem solving skills to design a game which worked in the way they wanted. The children did not give up when things did not work the way they wanted and showed resilience when testing and debugging their games. The children had the opportunity to share their game with children from other school and they had lots of fun feeding back their hints and tips to make a really exciting game.

Minecraft Workshop

Jorvik Viking Centre Trip 26 /03/15

This week we enjoyed a trip to York to visit Jorvik Centre and take part in a workshop on Viking medicine.

We enjoyed being guided through the centre by real-life Vikings before taking a journey through Viking York, experiencing the sights and smells of the time. We also spent time exploring the rest of the museum, seeing artifacts from digs across the city including skeletons, weapons and the worlds largest fossilised human poo! 

We were also treated to time with a Viking cunning woman - or witch - who taught us about all the different cures for common ailments such as a moist frog on the throat to cure a sore throat and willow bark boiled in hot water to release asprin which cured a headache. 

Here are a few photos from the day.

Storytellers in Year 5 20/03/15

This week in Year 5 we have been looking at Viking legends and sagas. We focused on a saga about an aging Viking warrior, named Biorn, who was desperate to die in battle, so that he could join the Gods in Valhalla. The children created storyboards, setting descriptions and eventually created their own retelling of the story for the rest of the class. The children really developed their speaking and listening skills and performed some lovely versions of the saga! We will try to upload a few examples of the performances, however the files are large and may need editing first.

Mad Maths! 13-03-15


On Friday in 5B we did followed on the mad theme of this years Comic Relief by using the tables as our books....SHHH! Don't tell Miss Percival!

We consolidated our knowledge of bus stop division by practicing a few calculations before applying our learning to a really tricky problem which we needed all our mathematical knowledge to solve.

We took pictures of our calculations so we could stick them in our books and look back at our learning every time we cover division - and so we could show everyone else the lesson 5B described as 'the best maths lesson ever!'


History Investigation 12/03/2015

Today, Year 5 had to investigate a famous historical event - the Viking raid on Lindisfarne monastery, the first reported Viking raid on England. The children were given a pack of sources to inform them about the event, and they had to read through and make up their own minds about what happened. We then looked at how to decide if a source was reliable or not, and discussed the sources we had been given. We decided that, although the Horrible Histories clip was entertaining, it was probably not as reliable as the Anglo Saxon chronicle from 793AD!

Some pictures of children working are below:

We can animate! 05/03/15

This half term Year 5 are lucky enough to be working with Mr Bradshaw for our ICT topic. We are learning all about animation using the iPads, which we will eventually use to create an interesting project. We are all enjoying our ICT sessions- stay tuned for examples of some of our work!

Some photos of the children working on their animation skills are below.

Viking and Anglo-Saxon Immersion Day


This week in Year 5 we started our new Learning Challenge by spending the day looking at various areas of Viking and Anglo-Saxon life.

Children experienced writing in runes used by Vikings, model making of an Anglo-Saxon house, sampling a Viking feast and making up their own cures for common diseases of the time. Children also experienced dancing and games which were typical of the time.

The day was enhanced by lots of the children dressing up in clothing from the era. The effort put in to the outfits really impressed the whole school!



Design Technology 13/02/2015

During our space topic, Year 5 were challenged with designing, making and evaluating a moving toy using cams and dowel. The design brief stated that children should use the solar system as inspiration - everything else was up to them. Here are our finished products - we're sure you will agree that they are very impressive!


Space Exhibition 12/02/2015

On Thursday Year 5 held an exhibition to showcase all their hard work from the last half term. Both classes exhibited their moving toys made with cams and dowels, their learning challenge books and the science enquiries that they have carried out as well as some super art work using water marbling. I'm sure everyone will agree that the afternoon was a great success!

Does the Sun move? 9/2/15

During the past week Year 5 have been planning and carrying out an investigation to either prove, or disprove the theory that the Sun moves. The investigation was completely child centred, with all children contributing to the planning of the method and the carrying out of the enquiry. One of the key factors that we learnt was that when carrying out an enquiry in Yorkshire which relies on the Sun, you sometimes have to wait for the right moment! Luckily the weather didn't let us down and we managed to have a full day of sunshine to help us record accurate results.

The Real Boy  29/01/15

This week Year 5 were lucky enough to have a visit from Leeds Theatre in Education, who performed a play dealing with issues surrounding a young boy's home life. The play involved lots of audience participation as the children attempted to help the characters solve problems and find answers. We will be following up this visit with PHSE activities based on the issues raised and will be looking at 'part 2' of the story, told from another perspective.

5B Maths problem solvers

In Numeracy this week, 5B have been applying their knowledge to various problems and puzzles. This rounding puzzle proved popular with groups working well together towards one aim. Well done 5B!

Year 5 Gymnastics

This half term Year 5 are lucky enough to be working with specialist gymnastics coaches for one of our PE sessions. The sessions will take place on a Tuesday afternoon and children will need a white t-shirt and black shorts for these lessons. The first session this week was a great success: it focussed on travelling and rolling. See the children in action below.

Street Dance Day

This week a group of 6 Year 5 children were selected to take part in a street dance workshop organised by Swinnow Primary School. the day was a great success, the children learnt new techniques and skills and worked with children from all over the Pudsey area to create a complex street dance routine. The children also had to chance to develop their own creativity and choreographed their own short routines. The final performance can be seen below. Well done girls!

Y5 Dance.m4v

Still image for this video

Greek Pottery

Over the last two weeks children in Year 5 have been creating traditional Greek pots. This started by studying different types of pots and their specific uses. Children used these as inspiration to design a silhouette telling a story - a variety of stories were portrayed in these designs, everything from decorating the Christmas Tree, to winning a gymnastics competition, to the traditional Greek myth - Theseus and the Minotaur. After the design stage, came the trickiest part. Children used a variety of methods to create a pot out of clay - not an easy task! We then used traditional colours to decorate our pots and then glazed them to give them that professional look. I think you'll all agree, they look magnificent!

Forceful Science

This half term we are looking at forces in science. We had fun talking about gravity and we spent time looking at air resistance last week. We had an in class competition to try and use our knowledge of air resistance to create the best parachute possible. Our 'paper-clip man' was attached to the various parachutes and we dropped them to see which ones would give him the best chance of survival. The parachutes came in all shapes and sizes and some were better than others at protecting the paper-clip man but we all had fun and learnt lots about air resistance!

During our Forces topic, we have also looked at friction and using Newton meters to measure the amount of force needed to move a shoe across various different surfaces. Year 5 found that the rougher the surface, the more force is needed to pull the shoe. We found that this is because two rough surfaces produce more friction when rubbing together and therefore more force is needed.

Fabulous Friction!

Orienteering Afternoon

On Wednesday afternoon Year 5 went to Farsley Farfield School to take part in an outdoor orienteering afternoon, organised by Priesthorpe School. The afternoon was a great success, even though the wind was a bit chilly! The children took part in a variety of teambuilding games followed by an orienteering activity, which involved searching for hidden letters around the school grounds by following a map. The children were organised into groups of 10 and points were awarded to groups that completed activities the quickest. Overall, the Springbank teams won more points than the Farfield teams, meaning that we were the overall winners for the afternoon. Well done Year 5!

Restaurant Evenings

This week was a culmination of seven weeks hard work from our very talented chefs, waiters, bar staff and restaurant interior designers. The children worked tirelessly through the day to prepare some really complex and tasty dishes which were enjoyed by all.


It was a massive achievement by both Year 5 classes to successfully run their own restaurants, raising over £500 which will go towards an event of their choice. Thank you to everyone who supported the evenings, we hope you all had as much fun eating as we did cooking!

What a busy week for Year 5!

We have been so busy this week it was hard to pick what to write about on the class page! We all had fun preparing for harvest festival, looking at Fairtrade in RE this week and using our restaurant topic to help the local community. In Literacy we have had fun creating advertisements for our restaurants, we have made written adverts and will be filming our television adverts shortly- watch this space! Maths has been challenging this week: we have been looking at fractions and decimals but we have all worked really hard and we are becoming more confident with fractions. Finally, our restaurant topic is progressing well, we are doing lots of finishing off and finalising this week to make sure that our parents and carers have the best possible time next week! We hope that all the hard work pays off!

Restaurant Preparation

This week we spent some time exploring our menus ready for our restaurant evenings. We took copies of our recipes to the local butchers and to Sutcliffe's to see how many ingredients we could source locally. We discussed the advantages of shopping locally and then spent some ICT time looking at the differences in costs between local stores and supermarkets. Later this week, we will be using this information to work out how much our costs will be and how much we will be charging our guests to make sure that we can generate a profit!

Sporty Year 5!

This half term Year 5 are learning about net and ball games, with a focus on tennis. Last week we spent time looking at racquet skills, how to hold the racquet properly and how to swing and hit a ball accurately. This week we spent time developing our throwing and catching skills to apply to a variety of sports. We all had fun playing games to develop our accuracy and technique.


As part of our PE sessions we have also been developing our fitness. We spent a portion of our PE session this week doing a cone chase and seeing how far we could push ourselves. We were all very tired afterwards!



Super Separating Scientists!

This week in Science, Year 5 have had the opportunity to become science investigators. We used our knowledge of particle size to decide which method of separating materials would be the most efficient. We then tested our theories by using sieves, magnets and filter paper, observing the results and recording them.

Restaurant Experience Morning

This Tuesday we enjoyed spending the morning investigating various areas of restaurant management. We tasted foods from all over the world, spoke to a restaurant manager and practiced setting tables in a variety of styles. We also had chance to explore different styles of restaurant to decide what the interior of our dream restaurant could look like. We spent time looking through food magazines for inspiration and enjoyed picking flowers from the garden to decorate our tables with. We learnt a lot of skills that will help us when running our restaurant, as well as having lots of fun!

Links - please click to open

Below you will find lots of links to websites that can help you with your learning.  Find our more about the topics you are learning about.  Why not spend some time practising your maths skills using Mathletics or practise your typing skills on Dance Map typing?