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Year 6

Welcome to Year 6!

The Year 6 staff team is made up of the class teachers: Mr Chapman, Miss Jenkins and Miss Craig and the teaching assistant, Mrs Cowley. 

Year 6 is an exciting year with lots of great learning challenges and opportunities.  You can find out more about what Year 6 are learning further down this page as well as lots of photos and information showing the children in action! At the bottom of this page you will find links to websites that may be useful to support your child's learning. If you have any questions about Year 6 please contact the Year 6 class teachers who will be happy to offer support and help.

Year 6 Curriculum

To find out more about the Year 6 curriculum, please click on the link below which will take you to the Curriculum Newsletters.  These provide a detailed description of the learning that takes place in each subject every half term.  If you have any questions about the Year 6 curriculum, please do not hesitate to contact the class teachers, who will be happy to discuss any queries with you.

Current Spelling Rule - Year 6

This page will be updated with the spelling rule which Year 6 are working with on a weekly basis. You will also find previous spelling rules which the children have been working on below.


Words ending in –ant, –ance/–ancy, –ent, –ence/–ency


Using ant and ance/–ancy :

Example - hesitant    hesitance    hesitancy

Use ent and ence/–ency after soft c sound, soft g sound and qu.

Example - obedient   obedience    obediency


There are many words, however, where the above guidance does not help.

These words just have to be learnt.


Find out what Year 6 have been getting up to...

Here you can find out more about different events, trips and general learning Year 6 have been doing.  We hope you enjoy reading about Year 6's learning and looking at the photographs!

Project display to parents - 9/7/15


Today the children had the opportunity to show off their projects. They have been working extremely hard on these for 4 weeks and we were really impressed with their ideas and creations. Take a look at the pictures below of the children showing off their work to our year 6 parents.

Basketball at Leeds Beckett University - 30/6/15

Science - Circulatory system 11/6/15

After completing their baselines the children started their science topic today by making their own circulatory system. Take a look at the pictures below.

Mono - Printing 2/6/15

This morning year 6 have been having a go at mono printing. The children were able to spread their chosen paint colours onto the tables and then use different tools to create patterns in the paint before finally using a piece of cartridge paper and a roller to press the print onto the paper. The children loved this type of art work. Take a look at them in the process..

Test yourself with this 'pointless' spelling and grammar powerpoint - fun for all the family!

Year 6 Horror Story Writing 01/05/15


This week Year 6 watched the film clip, 'Alma' as part of our writing work based around 'Horror Stories'. The animation is used to inspire the children to produce some fantastic pieces of description which look to layer tension and suspense throughout their writing. The children came up with a character (based upon the film) who has been making dolls - while the character is not seen in the film itself, it did not take long for the children to come up with ideas for what this creature may be like! We have included a link to the animation so you can go and have a look for yourself - we hope you enjoy it as  much as the children did.


Rainbow spellings - Prefixes 22/4/15


Today the children have been working on prefixes (inter, super, auto, anti) in their spelling groups. We took full advantage of the weather and took our learning outside. The children used coloured chalk to write out their spellings on the playground and thoroughly enjoyed it. Take a look at the pictures below.

Islamic Artwork - 20/3/15


As part of our learning challenge topic, 'Why did the Golden Age of Islam Shine?' the children have started looking at Islamic art. We have looked into the importance of the repeating pattern, why the circles are used and why this artwork has spiritual meaning. Following this the children have had a go at creating their own patterns, have a look at the pictures below: 

World Book Day - 5/3/15 Our Year 6 did a fantastic job dressing as a character from our Spring 1 class novel Private Peaceful. Then we had time to get stuck into the next few chapters of our new class novel 'Holes'.

'Zumba Kids' - 25.02.15

This week the children have been working on their fitness by taking part in Zumba exercise classes. Using a website called Zumba kids the children are able to 'Zumba' along with a video. As you can see from the pictures, children really enjoyed this and it definitely raised their pulses (as you can see from all the red faces).


Still image for this video

Year 6 Gymnastics - 28.1.15

As many parents observed last week, we currently have gymnastics coaches from Leeds Gymnastics coming into school to support with the delivery of gymnastics. This is used as a professional development tool for teachers. This week the children were focusing on improving their jumping and landing skills by using a selection of apparatus. Take a look at the pictures below.

Who will be the next sparky?

As part of our new science topic the children have been given the opportunity to wire a plug. The children were given all the components of a plug and asked to put it back together. After several attempts some children were successful. Take a look at them working hard.

Year 6 children cooking Christmas Dinner

Year Six have spent some time over the last two weeks, working their fingers to the bone in the kitchen in order to produce their very own Christmas Dinners. The children take all their raw ingredients from local and sustainable sources such as Farsley butchers and grocers, as well as the Springbank garden, and turn all these delicious ingredients into a classical Christmas feast, including making their own fruit crumble and custard. All the children have savoured the delights of these delectable delicacies. Therefore, by the time the main event comes around at your house on December 25th there will not be a Year 6 who has the excuse of getting out of helping with dinner preparations - they are all very well trained!

6JC Writing, Topic and Science Show


Thank you to all the parents who came to see the hard work their children have been doing this half term. We are extremely proud of the work they have produced and I know they loved sharing it with you.

3d Shapes

Today in maths we have finding the properties of 3D shapes using specific language; finding out what a net is in relation to shape and finally using the polydron pieces to make the nets into 3d shapes. We found out that there are different nets that make the same shape and some children decided to investigate this further.

Earthquakes at Springbank!


This week the children have been finding out how and why earthquakes happen. In order to help the children understand the idea of tectonic plates moving against each other we completed a practical activity using the tables and books to represent the plates and the houses. Take a look at the pictures, they will explain it further...

Year 6 trip to Yorkshire Wildlife Park


On Friday, as an introduction to the evolution topic, all of year 6 went on a trip to Yorkshire Wildlife Park. During the day the children had the opportunity to walk around the park looking at all the different animals, including the new edition, Victor the polar bear. They also took part in an evolution workshop where they learnt about adaptation, thinking about how animals adapt to their environments. Over the next 6 weeks children will be finding out lots more about evolution.

What is the Earth's deadliest hazard?


This half term the children will be answering the question, 'What is the Earth's deadliest hazard?' It is a geography based topic which will involve looing at where is the safest place to live in the world? Why these disasters happen and how to survive a natural disaster? Yesterday the children spent the afternoon immersing themselves into the topic. They used ipads to scan QR codes which revealed information about different types of natural disasters. Today we have discussed, through completing a diamond 9, which they think would be the least and most destructive disaster.

Year 6 giant Sleepover

Last night the children  spent the night at school. The night was a great mix of disco dancing, quizzes and games. The children all really enjoyed their takeaway food before snuggling down for a film. Some of the children managed a few hours sleep, but a few resolute souls managed the whole night without even a wink - check out who it was at the end of the slideshow.

The Big Reveal


To find out what caused this reaction this week in literacy, ask these lot!

The Big Reveal...

Still image for this video

Fractions are fun!


As part of our maths work this week we have been learning what an equivalent fraction is. To consolidate the children's learning they were set a task, which they completed in groups, to match up the fractions with their equivalents. The children really enjoyed this way of learning and it is something we are incorporating into many of our lessons.

Eveque World Marathon Challenge 2014


Today all of Year Six took part in the World Marathon Challenge. This is an event that is taking place worldwide and as a Junior School we were asked to complete 5000m. The children were split into teams of 10, completing 500m each. The children worked exceptionally hard and their times will be sent through to find out our placing as a school. Well done Year 6!


Find out more at:


Springbank Triathletes meet the Brownlees!


A group of Year 6's were fortunate enough to take part in the first ever Brownlee Academy Triathlon at John Charles Centre for Sport on Wednesday morning. Twenty children travelled to the event where they were soon ushered into the fantastic swimming facilities. All children were presented with a bucket for their belongings and a swimming cap before arriving at pool- side where they met Olympic Gold medallist and local hero Alistair Brownlee. After a quick photo call they were soon in the water for a quick lap of the pool before jumping out, pulling on some shorts, shoes and shirts and then jumping on bikes for a double lap of the athletics track. After finishing that the children had a 400m run remaining before arriving at the finish line to claim their medal and the congratulations of Olympic Bronze medallist Johnny Brownlee. It was an incredible opportunity which we were very fortunate to be involved in - many schools missed out based on the luck of the draw so we are thrilled to have had the opportunity. Mr Chapman was equally as thrilled to get his Team GB coat signed! Enjoy the photos...

Macmillan Coffee Morning Raises £815!!!!


The Year 6 Macmillan 'Big Coffee Morning' has once again been a rip-roaring success! The children spent the whole day on Friday serving their families and members of the public with mouth-watering treats, washed down with tasty beverages. Raffle prizes-a-plenty were won and a mountain of cakes devoured in scenes reminiscent of 'The Great British Bake-Off.' The children have been doing some work around the topic of charity in school and this is set to continue in the coming weeks. One thing is for certain, they will certainly have done their bit for Macmillan judging by their heroic efforts on Friday. Our final total is undoubtedly the highest that we have known in recent years and so we must say a huge THANK YOU to everyone who not only attended the event, but also donated cakes and raffle prizes in order to make the day as successful as it was.

Science in the cellar


As part of our light topic we took the children into the cellar to answer the question:

How do our eyes work?

The children experienced what it was like to be in complete darkness before we switched on our torches and discussed how it was possible to see certain objects. We have learnt that light travels in straight lines and reflects off the objects into our eyes.


If you want to know more about the eye have a look at this website:


Y6 visit to Armley Mills

During the first week of term, year 6 visited Armley Mills to experience what life was like for children living during World War II. Dressed in their 1940s clothes, the children began their experience with a trip to the school rooms to complete some work in pen and ink, practise putting their gas masks on and be informed of how to put out any small fires which may occur in the streets during an air raid. All was well until the air raid siren sounded and the children had to take shelter underneath the desks, whilst wearing their gas masks of course. Following this the children went to visit Betty, a factory worker whose husband had gone to war. Here they discussed what rationing was and the type of foods that were commonly eaten during WWII. Some of the children were able to 'shelter' in a Morrison Shelter too.


After lunch the children watched film clips from the 1940s showing what life was like for those children who were evacuated during the war.


All in all it was a fantastic start to our WWII topic; the children learnt lots and were able to bring their real life experiences back into the classroom where they wrote letters to their parents in the role of an evacuee.


Have a look at our photos of the day to see a bit more about what we got up to.

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