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Year 6 residential at Robinwood

Robinwood February 2015

The photos have been added in groups to hopefully make it easier to find children.  There may be the odd photo that is in the wrong group because the cameras occasionally get mixed up between groups!  The children are having a brilliant time as you will see in the photos below...


Avalanche group - Summer, Sadie, Evie, Leah G, Sophie, Neve, Joe, Alex, Daniel, Ben and Billie.


Iceberg group - Freya, Sophia, Katie, Olivia E, Poppy, Megan J, Holly, Joel, Samuel, Thomas A, Harry and Lewis.


Whirlpool group - Thomas C, Findlay, Zach, Olivia W, Carla, Anna, Leah C, Maise H, Ella, Jack and Charlotte.


Ocean group - Sarah, Maisie R, Megan D, Oliver, Bethany, Will, Joe, Neil, Thomas M, Kiernan, Aidan and Kieran C.


Wave group - Rory, Danny, Taylor, Reuben, Elijas, Josh, Kieran F, Lucy, Josh, Ellie S, Alessandra.