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At Farsley Springbank we believe computing and the use of digital technologies is a fundamental part of the ever-evolving technological world our children live in. Through our curriculum, we intend for children to not only be digitally competent and have a range of transferable skills, but also to be responsible online citizens. We aim to instil a sense of enjoyment around using technology and to develop our children’s appreciation of its capabilities. We encourage our children to develop the confidence to experiment and tinker with new software and programs, so that they are equipped to face new technologies in the future workplace.



We use the published scheme 'Kapow Primary' which ensures a broad and balanced coverage of the National Curriculum requirements with clear progression. Computing skills are taught are practised within discreet sessions so that they can be applied across the curriculum to enhance other subjects such as science, art and music. Lessons are engaging and include a range of unplugged and digital activities. Through the use of a range of modern technologies, children are taught to develop their ideas, explore,  analyse and present information responsibly and creatively. The content is delivered through three strands; computer science, digital literacy/online safety and information technology.


Computer Science

The core of our curriculum is computer science in which children are taught the principles of how digital systems work and how to put this knowledge to use through programming. This is fundamental to ensure that our children are not just users of technology, but also creators of technology.


Digital Literacy and Online Safety

Online safety is paramount to ensure that children know how to make good online choices and to create a positive online reputation for themselves. We aim for children to leave our school able to transfer this knowledge and have the confidence to implement these vital life skills in everyday situations. We ensure that key online safety messages are revisited often and not just in computing lessons. We have focus days such as Safer Internet day and Anti-bullying week to raise the profile of online safety for children and parents. Online safety has also been carefully planned into our RSE curriculum in which children are taught about online boundaries with their peers.


Information technology

Children build their knowledge of exactly what a computer is by journeying inside and identifying the key components. They identify and learn how inputs and outputs work and how computers and networks are used in the wider world.

Computing long term plan

Computing progression map