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India Day 26.05.23

Cooking in year 4


Year 4 had a brilliant today, rounding up our learning all about India! To celebrate what we had learned so far about Indian culture we had a go at creating some traditional Indian food. We made a Lentil Dahl which we served with chapatis! Read our recipe at home to recreate this tasty dish at home! 


1. Chop one onion and add to a pan. Allow to cook until it is soft and translucent. 

2. Add ginger and cook until fragrant. 

3. Add tumeric and garam masala

4. Add lentils. 

5. Add vegetable stock. 

6. Allow to cook until the lentils are cooked and have turned pale - this usually takes about 10 minutes. 

7. Add coconut milk. 

8. Serve with chapatis or rice!