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4HE residential to Lineham Farm

4HE day 1 at Lineham Farm

The children had a fabulous time on their first day at Lineham Farm.  The fun started with the children trying to make their own beds before heading out to do their first activity.  Two groups did Bushcraft and spent the afternoon making fires and dens as well as enjoying toasting and eating marshmallows on their fires.  One group went climbing and enjoyed trying the different levels of challenges.  The final group went cycling and loved the challenge of going over all the different bumps along the route.  After the activities the children enjoyed time relaxing by reading, colouring and playing games in games room - there was even a dance off at one point!  All in all a fantastic first day...roll on day 2!

Settling in and having fun making beds!

Enjoying activities

Time to relax and play

Getting ready for bedtime

4HE day 2 and day 3 at Lineham Farm




Lineham Explorers

Nightwalk and relaxing afterwards