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Abbey House Museum

On Tuesday 12th November, all the children and staff in Year 1 went on a trip to Abbey House Museum to support our learning topic 'Are old toys more magnificent than mine?'. 

The children were all very excited when we arrived at the museum - they couldn't wait to look around!


The children had the opportunity to explore the museum and take part in a toy workshop which looked at and introduced toys from the past. The children learnt a lot about old toys and about life 100 years ago:

  • How the children made toys as they were too expensive
  • The children looked at materials which were used to create toys in the past e.g. glass and wood 


The children were lucky enough to be able to play with some of these old toys. We discussed the similarities and differences between the toys that they play with today compared to toys from the past. Within the museum, the children explored the cobbled streets and looked at the old shops, spending some time investigating objects/machines from the past to figure out what they were used for.


This trip was a great way for the children in Year 1! They had the opportunity to expand their understanding and knowledge of History finding out about life all those years ago. 

Here are some photos from the trip for you to enjoy...