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Governor Expenses Policy

 Governor Expenses Policy


Governors give their time generously for the benefit of their school. It is a statutory requirement that each governing body adopt a clear policy for reimbursing governors’ expenses, so that every governor has full access to attending meetings and training. Governing bodies can choose whether or not to pay allowances to governors.


The Department for Education’s (DfE’s) Governance Handbook sets out in the legal framework for governors in maintained schools which have a delegated budget, to claim expenses.

  • It is for the governing board to determine whether to pay allowances to governors and associate members
  • The allowances can cover any costs such as travel and childcare which governors incur as a result of attending board meetings
  • Where the governing board resolve to pay expenses they must have a policy or scheme for payment
  • Expenses cannot include payment for loss of earning for attending meetings
  • Travel expenses must not exceed the HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) approved mileage rates
  • Expenses other than travel should only be paid on production of a receipt and should not exceed the amount on the receipt.


The full policy can be found below.