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Reception Trip to Abbey House Museum 16.06.22

Reception trip to Abbey house

Today we have visited Abbey House Museum in Kirkstall to embed our learning about past and present toys.  We had a fantastic time and the children were able to use their knowledge to talk about the artifacts in the museum. The children took part in a workshop where they were able to see examples of toys from the past, some of them were over 100 years old! We thought about the types of materials the old toys were made from and what clues we could find to tell that they were from the past. The children could identify that some toys had parts missing, all of the past toys worked without using batteries and they were not made from plastic. 


We then had the opportunity to walk around the museum and see the Victorian Streets and the Toys exhibition. The children enjoyed spotting toys they had seen in the workshop and comparing the toys to the ones they have at home. We also enjoyed the sunshine and had a lovely picnic in the grounds of Kirkstall Abbey.