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Our aim at Springbank is to develop confident individuals who can draw upon a plethora of skills from their learning in order to produce high quality writing. In order to promote successful learning, we produce engaging lessons based around the exceptional texts and topics that lie at the heart of our teaching. Through the use of a text or topic as a stimulus, the children build personalised links within their learning and recognise purpose for their writing. Children are challenged in terms of their vocabulary and grammar/punctuation to create pieces of writing of which they can be proud.


Celebration of writing is at the heart of our aspiration for children to see themselves as authors. This comes in many forms; children are allowed the time to share their writing and perform it orally for an audience, ‘polished pieces’ are displayed to develop pride in the finished article and regular opportunities are sought to meet and learn from established authors in order to ‘normalise’ the process of writing.


We believe that if children can be immersed in the world of their writing then they are not having to stretch beyond the capacity of their imagination in order to succeed. Simply, we bridge the gap between the child’s imagination and the written tasks so that they are able to use their knowledge and skills to creatively thrive.