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Annual Parent Survey 2011

Annual Parent  Survey July 2011

The document below provides the findings from the Annual Parent Survey July 2011 along with the school's response.   

Below you will find our 'You said, we did' document.  This document summarises parents suggestions for how we could improve our school from the annual survey and what action we have taken in response to the ideas.   There are times when we are not able to act on parental feedback for a specific reason but where this is the case we always endeavour to explain the reason why.  I hope this shows that we do take parents suggestions and comments seriously; we always welcome feedback from parents.

Comments made by parents about what they feel the school does well.

Ethos  every child is important as an individual 2; School is a happy, organised, enthusiastic environment;  The school has a great atmosphere and the teachers come across as very caring; Love the fact that the school is so welcoming and friendly;  Springbank is an excellent school- caring dedicated staff, well presented and polite children and a great learning environment; Encouraging the children to better themselves; Safe and good learning environment; Ensure children are happy and supported; You keep children happy at school 3; Treat every child as an individual 2; Instil strong values; Making sure kids are happy and never left out; We think Springbank is an outstanding school- keep up the good work; Understanding individuals and meeting their needs; Create a happy learning environment; Do not tolerate bullying; The school always comes across clean, organised and everyone is polite; all children are treated equally regardless of their abilities; Foster a very positive attitude towards work and life; make the children feel safe, confident and secure 3; Build confidence in the children; A lovely vibe in the school and it always feels inviting- that the staff and pupils care about each other; Demonstrating equality across the board; Encouraging healthy lifestyles and awareness 2


Staff  give their all in ensuring high standards achieved; Happy, approachable staff that endeavour to keep the school open even in adverse weather; Friendly, professional and approachable staff always happy to help 7; Teachers are on a level that children relate to; The staff are wonderful – love the way they are accessible and approachable. Can’t fault it; Springbank is well run with excellent teachers; well-informed staff.


Teaching and Learning The good level of teaching 4; The different ways/lessons the children have to learn – gardening/ business enterprise skills; Doing fun things to make learning more enjoyable 2; Encouraging children’s learning at every opportunity across a diverse range of methods and activities; Improving reading skills 3; Making school a fun place to learn which engages the children 3; Bring topics alive- taught enthusiastically 2; Give the children a range of experiences; Enterprise schemes have been very successful; Do fun things with the children- not just all about maths and English; Activities throughout the year, there is always something going on and the children enjoy this- pj day, non-school uniform; Confidence building and teaching; Displays around school- super and informative; The children are pushed to achieve the best they can; Keeping children interested; great balance between learning time and fun time- the lessons are well coordinated; School trips; Very high standards;  Preparing children for the future; Encourage children with innovative learning e.g. world cafe, trips etc; Encourage and develop all children- awareness of ability and disability is exceptional; The methods used in lessons always seem to be well thought out and imaginative way of teaching which keeps children interested.


Afterschool clubs The choice of different activities for the after school clubs is excellent 10; There are always thing going on- clubs, trips, activities which is a credit to the teacher’s hard work.


Parents + Communication  Keeping parents informed 3; Good communication with parents regarding events and other things going on at school 3; Involving parents in school activities; Communication with parents and children + involving parents where possible -assemblies, health week; Feedback about events past and present; New reports this year were brilliant; Parents learning sessions were really helpful; Assemblies (for parents) and shows- it always shows how dedicated the staff have been with the children, giving their time... Communication is excellent- love parentmail; Maths help and ICT was good; Always very accommodating when we ask for meetings and happy to take on board our suggestions/requests; Encourage parents to join in with the school; Keep me up to date with child’s progress; website is great with photos of recent events e.g. residential; Working with parents and promoting a team spirit.


Community - Community Spirit; Creating events that bring all four year groups together; The school has a great family/community feel to it; Involving the children in community projects


Behaviour - Problems during the year dealt with sensitively; Children feel secure and safe so are able to talk about any issues opening leaving them feeling comfortable to learn; Try hard to ensure behaviour is good at all times; Have set procedures in place- recognise if there is a problem and are able to act upon it, safely and effectively; Ensure children are happy and settled; Teach good manners and behaviour


Great School productions 3