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Robinwood Residential 14.02.2020-16.02.2020

Stream group - Dominic, Seth, Alejandro, Isaac, Reece, Summer, Meghan, Sophie LB, Zak, Luca and Ali


Avalanche group - Kyle, Teddy, Oliver P, Evie SL, Ryan, Daisy, Tilly, Jessica, Riley, Ethan and Dyan


Iceberg group - William W, Harrison B, Stan, Sam S, Sean, Oliver G, Sam B, Grace, Nieve, Kirsten, Natalie and Ava


Whirlpool group - William P, Harrison A, Afraz M, Logan, Adam, Liam, Millie O, Tia, Sophie BN, Maya, George, Chester, Nathan


Ocean group - Mia, Lexi, Rose, Lilia, Thomas, Louie, Archie, Evie B, Millie H, Ella and Charlotte.