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DT : Animal Puppet Project

This half term the children have taken part in a DT project.  The children were given a design brief and a target audience to create their puppets.


The outcomes of this project were:

  • To design a purposeful, functional and appealing product for their user
  • To be able to model their ideas through discussion/drawing
  • To select appropriate equipment and materials to create their design
  • Children will be able to select from a range of tools to preform practical tasks such as cutting out their design and joining materials together
  • To make a puppet for an intended user


Firstly the children looked at a range of puppets  e.g finger puppets , shadow puppet, string puppet (Marionette) and concertina puppets. As a class we identified and labeled the materials used to make the puppets and discussed how the puppets moved (we had lots of fun playing with the puppets!).

Then our next step of the project was to look at a range of materials and discuss if they were suitable for our target audience.

Finally using all of the information that the children had learnt about puppets they began the designing process. The children worked very hard during this project and enjoyed the designing, making and evaluating process. We hope you like the finished product!


Take a look at the amazing puppets Year 1 have made...

1W) This is how we do it...