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Week 11 (Sum 2, Wk 4) 22.06.20 - 26.06.20

Good Morning Year 4! 

Well it appears that this week we are going to have a little bit of heatwave so make sure that you get yourselves out and about for a little walk to enjoy the sunshine!

This week's home learning grid is all about the world and learning about different cultures. There are lots of different countries for you to learn about however if there is a different one which is not on the grid that you are interested in then please research that one and create a presentation to help teach your teacher!

One of your writing tasks for this week is all about creating a travel guide to a tourist destination of your choice! If you think back to Spring 1 when we studied India, we did a travel guide for the Taj Mahal then so have a think about what that looked like and the kind of words that you used to help you write it!

There are also lots of lovely physical activities to try out this week - why not try practising some Bollywood dance moves or some calming yoga!

Have a great week Year 4 and remember to keep sharing your work with your teacher!

Take care,


Mrs Hayton and Miss Lax