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Our Week 11.11.22

Our Week


Year 5 have had another brilliant week and have been doing lots of amazing work.


In writing, the children have been creating their own war poetry based on the poems of World War One soldiers. We have seen some lovely examples of figurative language in these poems and we're now excited to see what else they can produce this half term!


In history, the children have been expanding their knowledge about the causes of World War One by learning about the short-term cause of the conflict followed by chronologically ordering some of the events which took place between 1914 and 1918.


In Science, the children have been continuing their learning on forces. This week's lesson was all about air resistance and the children had lots of fun trying to create their own parachutes for some wooden figures. The children had to use their knowledge or air resistance and surface area to create a parachute which would land their figure the slowest.