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Harlow Carr 27.06.19

Year 1 had a fantastic day at RHS Harlow Carr in Harrogate on Thursday, in beautiful sunshine! They spent the morning exploring the gardens and spotted lots of different things on their senses walk. They saw butterflies and bees, they heard a tractor and a singing bird, they felt the warm soil in their fingers and they smelt lavender and sage.


In the afternoon, they went to the learning room and learnt all about which parts of plants are edible. The children were very surprised to discover that we actually eat the roots, leaves, stems, buds and even the flowers of some plants! Then, we took our vegetable baskets out into the garden to pick some fresh vegetables. The rhubarb leaves were so big, they were taller than some of the children! Back in the classroom, we chopped the vegetables up and had a close look inside. We spotted that the stem had lots of tiny tubes inside which carry the water from the roots to the leaves. We also spotted that the pips of an apple that isn't quite ready yet are white.


 It was such a great way to bring together all the fantastic learning we have done so far in school around this topic and left us very excited to learn more!