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Autumn 2 Week 3 18.11.22

Week 3

As part of anti-bullying week Year 2 worked in groups to write down all the different types of bullying they could think of, we then discussed the different categories of bully. This year's anti-bullying theme is 'Reach Out', we created posters full of ways we can all reach out. In computing we went on a technology hunt around the school to find different technology and discuss what it does. In science we did another experiment to see the effect different drinks has on our teeth, we put egg shell (that represented our teeth) in coke, water and milk. Water and milk had no effect on the egg shell, but after one day the egg shell soaked in coke was stained brown and sticky! This reminded us the importance of always brushing our teeth morning and night. It was also Children in Need on Friday and we made Christmas decorations in the week to sell. We loved wearing our own clothes and eating cake at playtime to raise lots of money for Children in Need, thank you for all your generous donations on the day!