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PE 22.03.19


Today we decided to do PE outside. The lesson was based on different modes of transport and exploring all of their different moving parts. We started by thinking about cars and how they move. The children enjoyed using their bodies to show the different movements such as wheels spinning, wipers wiping the rain away and the engine powering the car. One child said that he’d seen an engine before and it was a rectangle so he wanted to make that shape with his body. All of the children were very creative when thinking about their movements and ways to represent the different parts of the car. After thinking about cars we moved on to trains. We spent a few minutes carrying out the obligatory ‘choo choo’ movement and then thought really carefully about how trains move and what happens when we go on a train. We pretended to shovel some coal, push the drinks trolley up and down and practiced changing directions in a safe way when moving quickly.