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Manchester Airport

Year 2 had a wonderful time at Manchester airport Runway Visitor Park on Tuesday the 12th of October. The children were split into groups and got to see a range of airplanes. One activity was learning about an old DC-10 which was now used as a classroom. We got to see a video of the DC-10 taking its last flight. The DC-10 was fantastic and the children had the opportunity to dress up as pilots and sit in the cockpit. The children also dressed up as members of the cabin crew, police officers and firemen and learnt about their roles in the airport. The children also got to see the famous Concorde which amazed everyone when we heard how fast it could travel. The classes then had their lunch beside the runway. After lunch the children went to the flight observation deck where they got to see a range of airplanes land. They got to see an Airbus A350 from Qatar airways land. The noise and size amazed all. We ended the day playing in the playground watching the planes taking off and landing.  The highlight of the school trip for the children and teachers was waving to the pilots landing and seeing the pilots wave back!