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Week 8 (Sum 2, Wk 1) 01.06.20 - 05.06.20

Good morning Year 4 and welcome to the first week of our second Summer term!


Miss Lax and I are very excited to share with you your home learning grid for this week which is all centred around you creating your own Theme Park! Your Theme Park can have any theme that you like whether that be space, Minecraft, the Ancient Greeks, unicorns or even a combination of them all!

The tasks for creating your Theme Park are all on the Theme Park document that is uploaded below, these tasks are maths related and use lots of the operations that we have already looked at in Year 4. The majority of the tasks on the rest of the home learning grid are then centred around your Theme Park, whether that be creating advertising for it or games that you could include!

To make this week's home learning grid tasks even more exciting, Miss Lax and I will be updating the home learning page each day with additional events that are about your Theme Park. These could either be positive events such as being gifted a free rollercoaster for your park or they could be slightly more negative ones such as losing customers or rollercoasters breaking down!

We really hope you enjoy your home learning this week and we cannot wait to see the creations that you come up with! As always, please email either myself or Miss Lax with any of your work that you are particularly proud of, we love to see all of your work!


Take care,


The Year 4 Team

Create your own Theme Park!


Double alert for Thursday and Friday!


Starbright Entertainment have been pleased with the quality of work from Year 4 this week and would like to give them 1 ride of their choosing and 1 restaurant for their park.




As you can see Year 4, it has rained heavily over night and unfortunately your newly built car park has overflowed! 
Many people are unable to park and this means that your visitor numbers will reduce for today.

On a normal Wednesday, you would receive 400 customers however today you will only get 100!

How much will your park make today from ticket sales?

Do you make enough to cover your outgoings?

How much would you have made on a normal Wednesday?





Starbright Entertainment have announced today that they are prepared to give Year 4 an additional £1000 for their Theme Park budget! It is up to you what you use it for Year 4!




Good Morning Year 4,


Miss Lax and myself received a letter this morning from Starbright Entertainment asking Year 4 to help them with a little project. 

Let myself and Miss Lax know what you think!


Mrs Hayton and Miss Lax