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Care and Control Policy

Care and Control Policy

The purpose of the policy is to clarify the situation for all teaching and support staff working with children and young people, to inform them what is acceptable in relation to the use of physical intervention to manage challenging behaviour, and to prevent any misunderstanding of their intentions.  It is also intended to inform children, their parent(s), carer(s), families and other relevant stakeholders of the legal position in relation to physical intervention, and systems and procedures that we follow at Farsley Springbank Primary School.


There is a common misconception that any physical contact with a child is in some way unlawful. This is NOT true.


“It is not illegal to touch a pupil.  There are occasions when physical contact, other than reasonable force, with a pupil is proper and necessary.  Examples of where touching a pupil might be proper or necessary: holding the hand of the child at the front/back of the line when going to assembly or when walking together around the school; when comforting a distressed pupil; when a pupil is being congratulated or praised; to demonstrate how to use a musical instrument; to demonstrate exercises or techniques during PE lessons or sports coaching; to give first aid.”


Page 8, Use of Reasonable Force – Advice for head teachers, staff and governing bodies – July 2013


At Farsley Springbank Primary School we constantly strive to create a calm environment that minimises the risk of incidents arising that might require the use of force. In addition to this, pupils who present with challenging behaviour have an individual Positive Behaviour Support Plan (PBSP).  In relation to inappropriate behaviour, staff at the school will use their skills to defuse conflict situations.  We will distract, cajole, persuade and negotiate with young people as well as reminding them of rules, privileges, rewards and sanctions.

There may be circumstances however, where verbal de-escalation alone is not enough to deal with the risks that present themselves, and physical steps need to be taken.


This policy has been drawn up taking cognisance of DFE guidance: The Use of Reasonable Force (July 2013), Section 93 of The Education and Inspections Act 2006, DFES guidance LEA/264/2003: Guidance on the Use of Restrictive Physical Interventions for Pupils with Severe Behavioural Difficulties (Sept 2003) and the joint DFES/DOH guidance: Guidance for Restrictive Physical Interventions (July 2002).


This policy should be read in conjunction with the school’s Behaviour Policy, Health and Safety Policy and Child Protection Policy.


Every effort will be made to ensure that all staff at Farsley Springbank Primary School:

  • clearly understand this policy and their responsibilities in the context of their Duty of Care in taking appropriate measures where physical intervention is necessary.
  • are provided with appropriate training to deal with incidents safely and effectively.


The full policy is available below.