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First week back 10.09.21

The children have settled really well into Year 2. They 'launched' their learning challenge topic about the history of flight, by making and flying their own paper aeroplanes.

They had to follow a set of instructions really carefully to make their aeroplane and they had to keep trying when they found it difficult. 

The children have also been looking at aerial images and spotting human and physical geographical images, recapping numbers 1-50 in maths and they have been thinking about how to make people feel welcome in RE. 

We began the week by reading 'Don't look in this book', a book all about what amazing stories you might find inside books. The children impressed us by generating questions about the images in the book and practised using their question marks.

The children have made a great start to the year and have shown us that they are working hard to become successful learners.