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History of the seaside 12.06.23

Learning Challenge: History of the seaside

This morning, we shared photographs of our family holidays and looked at beaches both in England and abroad. Then this afternoon, we had our first history lesson of this new Learning Challenge. We learned all about how dirty Victorian cities were and the expansion of the railway. We even thought back to our learning about Florence Nightingale and the conditions during the Crimean War! We think the cities might have smelled very similar! We then boarded an (imaginary) steam train and went to the Victorian seaside. We looked at lots of primary sources of Scarborough and learned all about bathing machines and Punch and Judy. Finally, we used all of our new learning to create an advertisement for the Victorian seaside. 

Next week, we will be learning all about the human and physical features of the seaside in a geography lesson. We will also be locating some famous British coasts.