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Autumn 2 Week 6 11.12.20



This week the children have continued to work hard in their phonics groups, learning new sounds or recapping previous ones. They have all been blending sounds together to make words and have been practising reading words and in some groups phrases too. They have been working on their writing too, forming letters and words. Please continue to practise the sounds at home, making words using the cards and forming letters and words. In the children’s book bags there are some reading and writing activities to try at home. You could also practise letters and sounds by playing letter splat, say and a sound and then the children can splat the corresponding letter.


In Maths, we have continued our learning on number 5. We have ordered blocks of 5 and discussed the correct order and wrong order of numbers to 5. We have also thought about the correct way to count so we are accurate using 1:1 correspondence and knowing the last number we have counted to represents the amount we have. You could practise this skill at home by counting any items you have, counters, Lego, toys, Christmas baubles! Make sure that your child is pointing to each item and ask how many items there are altogether. We have also been learning the names of 3D shapes (cube, cuboid, sphere, pyramid) and learning their properties. At home you could go on a 3D shape hunt to see if your child can spot shapes in their home environment.


In Understanding the World, we have been learning about the story of Christmas. We have read the Christian Nativity story and found out about the characters. The children enjoyed sharing their traditions that happen at Christmas in their homes.


Today the children have performed our Christmas production! It has been filmed by our school governor Mr Bradshaw, who will edit and put together a sparkling show for you to watch. The children have worked ever so hard at remembering their lines and singing songs, we are really proud of them!


On Monday, Mrs Bennett will return to school after her maternity leave. She will be spending time in Reception getting to know the children. After Christmas she will be sharing RA with Mrs Ashley-Cooper, Miss Rowley-Smith will then be spending less time in Reception, taking over the SENCo role across the school.


Next week:

In phonics, we will continue with our phonics groups, reading words and in some groups reading phrases too, forming letters and spelling words.


In Maths, we will continue to learn about the number 5. We will continue to consolidate the number combinations within 5.


In Understanding the World, we will continue our learning about Christmas. What do we do at Christmas? How do we Celebrate Christmas? We will also read ‘Dear Santa’ and create our own versions of the story.


Wednesday 16th December is Christmas jumper day and Thursday 17th December is our party day, the children can come in their finest party clothes!


Enjoy your weekend,

The Reception team