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Spring 2 Week 5 22.3.24



This week in Understanding the World we have been reading ‘Once There Were Giants’ by Martin Waddell. The children have enjoyed thinking about the different stages of life and how we grow and change. We have talked about the different sorts of things we can do at these stages: baby, toddler, child, teenager and adult. We have sequenced pictures chronologically (in time order) and have learnt about using a timeline. The children have had lots to share about different family members and friends and what stages of life they are at. They have compared themselves as a baby to what they are like now, thinking of all the things they can do now which they couldn’t as a baby. Thank you for all the lovely baby photos.


In maths we have been using the part part whole model to show different ways to make 10. We have been playing hidden number games to work out which numbers go together to make 10. We have also learnt about odd and even numbers. Here is a Numberblocks episode we watched in class that you might like to watch again:


Next week in maths we will be concentrating on doubling and halving and finding ways to partition 10 into more than 2 groups.


Next week in Understanding the World we will be thinking about ‘Our Wonderful World’. We will be thinking about places and people who are special to us and will be talking about signs of Spring and new life.


Next week we have our Stay and Play sessions on Wednesday. We are looking forward to welcoming you into class to enjoy ‘Discovery Time’ with your child.


We will also have our annual Easter egg competition on Thursday. We are egg-cited to see all the colourful and creative ways your child has incorporated an egg into their design.


We hope you have a lovely weekend!

The Reception team