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4H Lineham Farm 21.02.24-23.02.24

Whole Class Photographs

Arriving and settling in

When the children arrived at Lineham Farm, they spent some time settling into the bedrooms and making their own beds.

Blue group day 1 - climbing

Green group day 1 - cycling

Yellow group day 1 - Lineham Farm Explorers

Enjoying mealtimes

The children have enjoyed delicious food at mealtimes and there has been plenty of it!

Games room and relaxing

At the end of the day, the children had some time to relax with their friends.  Some children played games in the games room, other children spent time colouring and chatting with friends.  It is a lovely way to end the day!


Hot Chocolate Time

Yellow Group Day 2 - Bushcraft and Cycling

Yellow Group Day 3 - Climbing

Blue Group Day 2 - Bushcraft and Cycling

Blue Group Day 3 - Lineham Explorers

Green Group Day 3 - Bushcraft

Green Group Day 2 - Climbing and Lineham Explorers

Cinema Night