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Annual Parent Survey 2015

Annual Parent  Survey July 2015

The document below provides the findings from the Annual Parent Survey July 2015 along with the school's response. 

Comments made by parents about what they feel the school does well.

The school is exceptionally well lead. It feels like the heart of the community.


Amazing school!! Teachers are all fabulous. The school has a very warm, friendly atmosphere. The staff are all approachable & not afraid to comfort children, as some other schools may be. My daughter is in her final year, with her 3 brothers preceding her. Not looking forward to next years Leavers assembly already, I am already sad that this chapter of our lives is coming to an end after 8 years of fantastic support, teaching standards and the nurturing environment that Springbank offers.


Parent participation, behaviour of the children in and out of school, school productions, a fantastic atmosphere every day in school no matter what is being taught, approachable friendly hard working staff, the teachers always going the extra mile to be there for our children, a part of the community!


I am so happy with the school. My child loves school (most of the time) and is happy to go. When I have had problems or concerns over my child school have always been fantastic in supporting her and I. They have really gone the extra mile and for that I am very grateful. Communication is excellent and the school seems to be such a team that enjoy working together.


It will never cease to amaze me how the teacher's, office staff and headteacher know each child individually. I hope the extension of the school and increase in numbers of children do not dilute this. The staff have always been realistic about the behaviour of my children, who are not perfect, and have consistently been fair and honest about my kids.


I think the level of communication from the school is exemplary. The headteacher is very approachable and not at all the "authority figure in the office". The teachers do a brilliant job of making learning fun and it's great to see what the kids get up to via the website. My son loves school and that is purely down to the staff and how they approach school life.


The school has some fantastic teachers who really care about the children. They really go out of their way to make the children's time at Springbank memorable. The trip to Filey is a great example. The memories the children get from days like this will last them a lifetime.


The trips related to the topics are brilliant and get the children really interested.


I think the whole ethos of the school is filtered down from Miss Percival through her staff to the children, showing the behaviour and expectations of the school in general. Communication is very good. Provide a very happy learning environment. Offers such an array of out of school clubs for the children, which is amazing. Personally, I would be happy to pay for these clubs, for the funds to go towards the school fundraising but again appreciate this would be difficult to impose for fear of excluding less fortunate children whose parents could not perhaps pay for the clubs. The children enjoy the learning, which is a credit to the school, its teachers and their methods of teaching. Arranging a logistical nightmare, being the annual Filey trip. The entire school, parents and grandparents love this trip which is clearly visible throughout the day. The use of IT to provide presentations is amazing, for example Mr Chapman's 'Happy' video and Mr Bradshaw's Christmas videos just show the enthusiasm and happiness of the children and the staff. I am so proud to show these to family and friends and must admit each time I watch them, I become very emotional and extremely proud of the school.


Everything - it is a brilliant school with an excellent leadership team. My comment about homework is because I don't think they get enough if I am completely honest as I don't think they are prepared enough for the amount they will be expected to do in high school. I know my life would be harder if he had more but I think he gets off quite easily! I just wish my child could stay at Springbank until he is 18!


The teachers and support staff appear to genuinely enjoy their roles and there is always a happy atmosphere around the school.


Engagement and inspiring learning. Encouraging independence and choice. Making mistakes a positive outcome of the learning process.


Website, communication and I love all the extra-curricular stuff - things like the 'happy' video as well as the clubs, getting the kids involved and parent involvement too.


I think the extra effort and time put in by the teachers at Springbank is phenomenal, this builds a very healthy rapport with the kids and maybe as importantly a respect from parents whom are truly happy to have their children in the welfare of these amazing people, I genuinely couldn't be any more pleased with the school and it's staff.


My daughter has come on so well since been at Springbank everything you all do you do really well and I can't wait for my youngest to start in September in reception.


Keeping the children engaged and involved with what is going on whether it is educational based or even the building work. Good communication.


Pretty much everything! - it's a fantastic school with fabulous staff and children & always will be a big part of Farsley community, I just wish my son could stay at Springbank but he's had the best education/fun while there and amazing education and preparation for the next venture in his life 'high school'


Providing children with a safe and happy environment to enable them to fulfill their potential. Staff are particularly approachable and helpful. Thank you.


The open door policy the school has is fantastic as any problems can be ironed out straight away. The school is a happy place to be for both children and staff. The children are taught to show respect to everyone. Springbank do most things really well.


The school is good at keeping parents up to date in school activities etc. by email and on the website. This is so important when you have a large busy family - so thank you.


Very supportive, caring and moulds children very well. Listens and deals well with all issues, be small or big. Thank you very much....
Involvement of parents; welcoming atmosphere relationship between staff and pupils; end of year reports especially the detailed head teacher's comment which makes it very personal to your child; information evenings including curriculum areas and transition shows are done in the evening making them accessible to all parents; work done in learning logs is celebrated and appreciated by staff; use of ICT; variety of after school clubs; website showing pictures of what the children have been doing in lessons or special events having photographs of the residential on the website whilst the children were away allowed parents to see what they were doing and that they were having a fabulous time and also the timetable showing what events they were doing on the different days allowed us to talk about what they were would be doing with siblings; Headteacher welcomes the children in the morning and is often in the playground at home time too.


Care for the children's needs as well as possible whatever they may be. Try to make school as enjoyable as possible for all children.


Nurturing all children and allowing them to achieve their best. Investing an enormous amount of staff time in enrichment and extra-curricular events. Recognising each individual child's strengths and needs; providing support and guidance when needed. I could not be happier with the education my child is receiving from a fantastic group of enthusiastic staff.


Teachers are very good at communicating with parents and are very approachable when I have had any concerns, which have also been resolved and dealt with quickly. We are actively encouraged as parents to have a great deal of interest in our children’s' education - love the Open Sessions. The children are not held back, their abilities are nurtured and encouraged where above average. Have felt that my children are well supported emotionally as well as educationally often by suggestion from their teachers rather than by request from me. Circle of Friends has been of great value and has given an extra confidence boost.


The teachers work as a team and the team spirit is what makes Springbank a fantastic school. The amount of after school clubs they run and the choice is brilliant. My children love coming to school and that is what it should be like.  Well done Springbank, you're being the best you can be!


Springbank is very good at encouraging the children to be the best they can be.


You encourage children to grow in confidence You make children feel they are not just a face in a crowd. The year 6 production this year was totally amazing every single child was fantastic and a massive well done to Mr Chapman who wrote a fantastic show with super songs I could have very easily come and watched it again the next night. My child has improved beyond my expectations and it’s all thanks to the teachers and staff at Springbank. Fabulous School with Fabulous teachers and children to be proud of. "WELL DONE"


Knowing all the children, comradeship and teamwork.


Staff are extremely supportive of the child as an individual as well as of the class as a whole.


The teachers and the Head are all very approachable, they all seem caring and helpful. My daughter loves coming to school and is very happy there. The school provides a very safe and positive environment. I have appreciated the help my child has had with her Maths as she struggles with this subject so really needs this extra support - I do hope and am sure it will continue throughout year 4 as she is still under her age expectation level in this particular subject.




Everything!!! the school is excellent and Miss Percival is amazing.


Teach the children very well, have lots of additional activities and encourage a friendly environment in which to learn.


Communication and parent engagement. As a working parent it is wonderful to receive important dates for the year /school calendar in September so I can book holidays from work. I also love being invited into school and the "open door" policy I feel you have. I also strongly believe you give children life skills by discussing important topics such as the election, I was amazed when my child came home and educated me on the main political parties.


I think you treat the children with respect and like mini adults - you have a fantastic rapport with the children and know them extremely well. You are very welcoming with parents and listen attentively to any concerns that we may have. As a member of the PTA, I have been in the school while lessons have been ongoing and I love how energetic and happy the children always seem. You are extremely approachable and warmth emulates from you all.


Communication is fantastic at Springbank - I feel I can raise any issue and get a response quickly and effectively from both teachers and Miss Percival. There are several areas where I have noticed (from talking to friends with children at other schools & reading things online) how progressive the school's attitude is. For example: reading aloud to the children, letting them choose challenge levels, getting them to write what they found tricky or easy at the end of a piece of work. The community spirit within the school is fab too - the trip to Filey, all years invited to school productions, sports day. Thank you!


Good positive nurturing attitude, happy school, in general. The activities/school trips are very well devised and organised. Teachers and staff are very friendly and approachable.


A fantastic school. My son always wants to go to school! The expectations are high. Children are encouraged to achieve their best, and to learn from their mistakes. Thank you.


In my personal experience the teachers have gone above and beyond in the education of my daughter. This approach has been consistent throughout my daughters time at the school and is greatly appreciated by both my wife and I.


Great Headteacher, many good staff members. Lovely school.


Children encouraged to be the best they can be. High levels of behaviour expected and met. Children feel safe, secure and happy. Fun and interesting topic work.


The staff at Springbank are great at encouraging the children in all aspects of learning. Teaching them not to give up at the first hurdle.


Make sure each child feels special and that what they do is important.


Supporting children whatever their circumstances. Trying to help out whenever is possible.


Excellent staff


Trips, communication and after school clubs


Parent involvement. New unique ideas for learning. Facebook page is really useful. Office staff are very helpful.


Expectations. Clubs. Inclusion.


Excellent at keeping parents informed on activities and updates.
Build great happy memories that that our kids will never forget.